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Friday, January 13, 2012

Truth or Dare by Rhian Cahill

Truth or Dare by Rhian Cahill
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (97 Pages)
Other: M/F/M, Ménage, anal sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Daring to tell the truth will change the rules of this game forever.

Party Games, Book 2

When her friend deserts her at an exclusive Sydney house party, Miki Drummond retreats to a corner to observe the insanity. Watching life go by is something she does well, especially after the hell her marriage put her through.

She never dreamed she’d reconnect with not one but two blasts from her high school past. And she never expected their heated gazes to bring her body so easily back to life.

Grant Rogers and Dayne Pierce never forgot Miki. Ever. Past experience tells them to tread slowly and carefully, but that plan flies out the window when they’re all dragged into a game of Truth or Dare. Something’s up, because Miki repeatedly chooses to take a shot rather than reveal her obvious pain. Time after time.

Waking up hungover in a strange bedroom, Miki is caught in an electrically charged moment with two men who offer her unimaginable pleasure, who seem determined to keep her suspended in sweet torment—permanently.

One night of pure fantasy is all Miki dares to take, but come morning the hard truth is that walking away isn't an option.

Rhian Cahill has written a steamy romance with lots of humor and passion, and terrific characters.

This is part of the Party Games series and it focuses on one very hot game of Truth or Dare. I enjoyed watching as Miki went from observer to participant, and getting very drunk along the way. I like Ms. Cahill’s very adult version of this timeless party favorite, and the intriguing consequences of it all.

Miki Drummond is recovering from a bad marriage, and has put herself on the shelf. But with the urging of her friend, she has decided to face life again, and start living it to the fullest. She just didn’t expect it to include her two high school crushes. I enjoyed watching as she decided to give the three of them a try for one night of pleasure, not knowing if there could ever be more, but taking the chance anyway. She is smart, and stronger that she believed she was. I really enjoyed watching as she finally realized that her late husband had never cared for her, and was able to finally put that part of her life behind her.

Dayne and Grant are two very sexy hunks, and both are determined to win Miki’s heart. They are best friends, business partners, and housemates, but the only woman they have ever wanted to share is Miki. I enjoyed watching as these two gorgeous men discovered that Miki made their lives complete, and that no other woman could ever be what she is for them: lover, friend, soul mate. I loved watching their campaign of romance, working to win her over, and knowing when to sit back and let her come back to them in her own time.

This is a story of reunion, ten years in the making. It is also a story of coming home, and Miki, Grant and Dayne make the most of their time together in every way, whether it is hot and steamy bedroom antics or fun and romantic adventures at the beach. This is for all those readers who like their romance in threes, and spicy hot. One warning, though, you’ll need the tissues and the ice in equal measure.

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