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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford

Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (174 Pages)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Who says a wolf can’t make a pussycat purr?

Perfect timing has never been Lilly Prescott’s long suit. Seconds before a showdown with werewolf Dante Morgan, who owns a property that by rights should belong to her, she goes into heat. Not a simple event for a lynx shifter. No, she’s doomed to weeks of frustration that can only be soothed by frequent rolls in the hay—or her hand. Unfortunately, Dante accidentally witnesses the latter.

Left shaken and highly aroused in the snow, Dante can’t believe he’s attracted to the woman who drives him crazy, and not in a good way. Worse, his father has issued an ultimatum. Marry, or abdicate his place as pack leader. On the other hand, it’s the perfect leverage. Lilly will get her land…in exchange for a wedding ring and all the sexual satisfaction she can handle.

Marry Dante? No doubt he’s a poster boy for Hunks ’R’ Us, but he’s rude, arrogant and Lilly’s sworn enemy. Not to mention the thought of losing her independence is frightening as hell.

When they find themselves falling victim to their own charade, though, it’s anything but hell. It’s heaven, and the last thing either of them wants. The real thing.

Cat Scratch Fever is Jodi Redford’s newest paranormal romance, and it is a treat. The world she has created is fun and enticing. I like this locale, with the snow and forest and wide-open spaces filled with lots of redneck werewolves and lynx cat shifters. The characters are well crafted and the dialog is fun and sarcastic and totally filled with double entendres at times. I love the verbal sparring between Lilly and Dante, and the ever-escalating attraction bringing them closer all the time. And Chevy, Dante’s dog, is a real character too.

Lilly Prescott is determined to convince Dante Morgan to sell her the sixty acres of land she wants for the Lynchat Foundation retreat. Unfortunately, just before the meeting with Dante, Lilly’s cat hormones send her into heat, and cause a very embarrassing episode by the side of the road: an incident witnessed by, of all people, Dante Morgan himself.

Dante is ready to deny Lilly’s request again, when his father issues an ultimatum-Dante has one week to marry, or forfeit the leadership of the pack. Dante is determined not to marry the female wolf hand picked for him by his father, and offers Lilly a proposition. Marry him in a mating ceremony, and he will give her the land as a wedding gift. It doesn’t matter that they hate each other, right?

Lilly Prescott is strong, determined to have her way, and smart as well. Unfortunately, she has a slight problem with hormones, and gets caught unawares in a very compromising position by the one man/wolf that makes her crazy. I love Lilly, with her smart mouth and snarky attitude, and her determination to get the land she is so focused on.

Dante Morgan is determined to keep the pack safe from the machinations of his father and the Giffords. He is strong, gorgeous, and sexy beyond belief, and smart enough to know mating with his father’s choice would be bad news for the pack. I loved watching as Dante’s attraction for the sexy Lynchat became a bit of an obsession, and blossomed into so much more.

There are some wolf politics here, with a clash between Dante and his father becoming inevitable. When trouble comes to stop the growing passion, and the wedding, Dante and Lilly are both in danger, and Dante must find a way to save Lilly, and stop his father and the Giffords from ruining the pack and Dante’s life.

There are a couple of very hot bedroom scenes in this, and the play between Lilly and Dante heats up quickly once they stop fighting the inevitable. I recommend this for a cool evening, but keep the ice water near.

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