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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Comes the Wolf by Crystal Kauffman

Comes the Wolf by Crystal Kauffman
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (170 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Heiress Madeline Randall Forsythe is on the run for her very life, hiding in a small Washington town as "Randie." Fleeing a deadly family secret, she plans to move on every couple of months to stay alive. But the night she’s due to leave Silver Creek, a blizzard, a crunched fender, and a rescue by a handsome stranger complicate her escape. While she knows relationships are impossible for a fugitive, she seizes her own destiny and lets Aidan rock her world, even as she knows the closer she gets to strangers, the more chance she has of getting caught.

Aidan Chase is a tracker who has never failed to find a target. He does his job and collects his paycheck, never getting personally involved...that is, until Randie Forsythe. There’s something off about her creepy old man, and something definitely on about sexy Randie. Looking at her, one would never believe she stole two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, especially when she’s in line to inherit millions from a sick father two paces ahead of the Grim Reaper. Against his better judgment, he puts the case aside to learn more about Randie, including discovering, quite by accident, she was a virgin before him.

This was probably the most “real” erotic romance I have ever read.

Even though this novel is paranormal in origin, I found the storyline believable and realistic. Circumstances, may have been larger-than-life, the rich girl running from her father and a werewolf tracking her, but it was their relationship that I found the most genuine.

Madeline has been on the run for six months. She knows her time is limited, but all she can do is try to stay one step ahead of her father. She wants to live and once her father catches up with her, she knows it will all end. Before she can move onto her next location she is stopped by a storm, a wolf and a stranger. With time running out she has to break free, but she is not sure if her heart can handle it.

Aidan is known as the perfect tracker. He always finds his mark, but something is off about Madeline’s case. His senses tell him her father is lying. From the moment he scents Madeline he can tell she is pure and an innocent, but there is more and he just can’t figure out what it is. Breaking one of his first rules, he gets involved. Now it’s not just her father he needs to protect her from, he needs to battle his own kind too.

Madeline and Aidan are two people with secrets that could destroy them. Madeline’s secret is heartbreakingly unbelievable and with Aidan’s secret he could lose his heart and soul. It is a race to find the truth behind the lies before their enemies take everything away from them.

There are two things that stood out for me in this book. While this is an extremely sensual novel, the love scenes were the most authentic I have ever read. Sometimes with explicit scenes, you think, “WOW, I wish I could find a lover like that”. With Ms. Kauffman’s scenes, you think, “WOW, I have experienced lovers like that”. She writes truthfully and real. She doesn’t embellish or exaggerate. Her love scenes could happen tonight in your own bedroom. It is a nice change of pace.

The next selling point for me with Comes the Wolf was the mating bond. In most paranormal novels, the mating bonds are feral and compelling. Aidan and Madeline’s bond is natural and not forced. It flows sensually and believably. There is no animalistic posturing, just a sense of belonging. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about the grrrrrr of the mating ritual. This was just so well written that I fell in love with Aiden, not just in lust. He was a beautifully written Alpha male.

While Comes the Wolf is a mystery/suspense, I enjoyed the romance the most. I was shocked with the reason behind the lies her father told, but I was not surprised by the outcome or how it all came about. So the mystery was a bit weak for me, but the romance more than made up for it. Ms. Kauffman told a great story. I am not disappointed one bit! I can see this storyline continuing. My fingers are crossed that it happens.

If you are looking for a truly different paranormal romance, then pick up Comes the Wolf. The story is a well told and steamy read.

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