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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dare Me by Lexxie Couper

Dare Me by Lexxie Couper
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (100 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

Defying death is the ultimate dare. Defying love? Well, that’s just stupid.

A Red Hot Weekend story.

Back-to-back medical degrees took Emily Knox right where she planned to be: treating patients in an alternative cancer clinic. But nothing prepared her for a cocky, cheeky Aussie who strode into her life and dared her to cure him. She told herself it was his challenge she couldn’t resist—not his daredevil charm.

Eight months later, Rob’s out of danger…and Emily’s in trouble. She’s in deep, too deep. Worse, Rob has left the clinic against doctor’s orders. There’s nothing for it but to follow him across eleven thousand miles of land and sea to give him what for—as his doctor, of course.

Rob never expected to survive the brain tumor. Nor did he expect to fall head over heels for his very proper, very English oncologist. The problem? Her Hippocratic Oath hangs between them, keeping her just out of reach. Now, with “cured” on his medical chart and his duty as best man for his best mate calling, he takes off for home to start getting his old life back.

Trouble is, while the good doctor cured his cancer, she seems to have inflicted him with something else—desire he just can’t shake.

Rob Thornton can be called many things: gorgeous, adventurer, daredevil, risk taker, friend. The one name he doesn’t want is cancer survivor, although it is just as true as the rest. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, Rob goes to an alternative clinic, where Doctor Emily Knox does the impossible-she cures his cancer, but the bigger problem is that she also captures a bit of his heart.

Emily knew as long as Rob was her patient, she couldn’t act on the decidedly un-doctorly feelings Rob arouses in her, but once he is released from the clinic, she follows him to see if there is a chance for a future with him. Can Rob accept that he is a changed man? Can Emily break down Rob’s wall of denial and convince him to acknowledge what he’s been through and move on with the rest of his life? Or will Rob lose his chance at love with Emily by refusing to face his fears head on?

Dare Me is Lexxie Couper’s long awaited follow up to Triple Dare, Joseph, Rob and Anna’s story. The characters in this are just as compelling and intriguing, and the story is filled with a myriad of emotions that bring both laughter and tears in equal measure. I enjoyed watching these two people come to terms with their feelings for each other after being so closely involved with each other during Rob’s illness.

Emily Knox is smart, talented and totally dedicated to her patients. But she is afraid she might cross the line with Rob, because he makes her feel things no other man ever has. I like that she remained professional, and didn’t give in to temptation while she was Rob’s doctor. And I love that, once he is considered cured, she follows him to see if they can have a future together. It was great when she challenged Rob, telling him if he couldn’t accept his new life, they couldn’t be together.

Rob Thornton is strong, handsome and determined to get on with his life. He has plans to take up where he left off, taking risks and finding new challenges. He tries to deny that he’s changed, but inside he has doubts that his life will ever be the same. I loved watching as Rob finally began to grow up and realize that, although changed, his life could still be as full and exciting, especially with Emily by his side.

This is a story of growing up and learning to adjust to unexpected changes in your life. Rob was hesitant to face his fear, thinking it made him weak, but learned that wasn’t true. It is also a scorching hot love story, and as hot as it is, there is a sweet tenderness here as well. Lexxie Couper has managed to bring two strong characters together, creating a couple that can face anything life throws at them.

I recommend this for anyone wanting to see that love can help to overcome obstacles, especially those we erect for ourselves. But keep the fan on high, keep the ice close, and the tissues at hand.

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