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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hidden Fire by Jess Dee

Hidden Fire by Jess Dee
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (117 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed Foxglove

Dirty desires, dark secrets…deepest love

Fire, Book 2

Well, this is an unexpected twist. Jenna Brooks is all set to spend the weekend wallowing in misery, repairing the cracks in the fa├žade she’s maintained for twelve years. Instead she’s…tied to a chair. Kidnapped by her own twin brother and her so-called best friend.

It’s for her own good, they say. She’ll thank them later, they say. But when they reveal her partner in captivity, she shores up her emotional barriers. It’s Garreth Halt. The one man for whom she let her guard down. What a fool she was.

For one electrifying moment, Garreth had Jenna naked in his arms, on the edge of losing her legendary control. Could have kept her there forever, too, if he hadn’t felt honor-bound to tell her the truth. Before she’d heard the whole truth, though, she’d retreated behind the fortress around her heart.

Now they’re knee to knee, with no escape. While he’s irritated he let his alleged best friend get the drop on him, a small part of him is thrilled. With one final chance to show her his love is real, Garreth methodically, wickedly, sets out to dismantle her defenses.

One dirty word at a time.

Sometimes, being tied down is the quickest way to become free.

When Jenna is kidnapped by her brother and her best friend, and tied blindfolded to a chair, she is furious at first. When she realizes she isn’t alone, she feels a bit better, until she learns just who is tied to the other chair.

Jenna starts to build her walls back around her heart. Garreth has waited too long for Jenna’s love to give up now. He's determined to make her understand what he's done for her, so they can overcome the past and have a life together. Can Jenna see beyond his actions in the past to the desire behind it? Garreth must convince Jenna of his love for her alone? Can seduction work, when both participants are so close, yet still so far apart?

Hidden Fire is Jess Dee’s follow up to last year’s hot and fantastic Winter Fire. The world building is terrific. Ms Dee’s characters likeable and fun to read about. In this one, the heat level has been raised, and the passion seemed to leap off the page. I enjoyed how the characters from Winter Fire weren’t satisfied with just having their happy ever after, but were determined to help Jenna and Garreth find theirs as well.

Jenna Brooks has been hurt in the past. She's smart and independent, but she has unrealistic standards for those around her. When her brother tells her he’s in love with her best friend, Jenna realizes she's now free to be with the one man she has loved for years. I liked watching Jenna as she was finally able to come to terms with the past and learn to take what she wants from life. And what she really wants is Garreth.

Garreth is everything a woman could want: handsome, sexy and dedicated to one woman with all his heart. I loved watching Garreth seduce Jenna with just words at first, as both were tied to chairs. His determination to win her, one word at a time was so hot, and as he slowly got beneath her defenses, the story heated up quite nicely.

Jess Dee has written a hot and delicious love story, with one very stubborn woman who is afraid to feel, and the man who loves her enough to do anything to win her love. There are no secondary characters though most of this book, just Garreth and Jenna and the electricity between them becomes a tangible presence as Garreth reveals his heart to her. I was brought to tears by the passion Garreth offered to Jenna, and enjoyed watching as he breached her defenses and offered her his love. This is one for those who love second chances at love, and new beginnings with lots of scorching heat.

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