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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Star Prince by Ashlynn Monroe

Star Prince by Ashlynn Monroe
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (80 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Forced Seduction
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Tasmin Robins has worked hard to earn her coveted diplomatic internship on the mysterious imperial world of Aurora. Driven and smart, though occasionally impulsive, Tas has a ten-year plan -- and it doesn't include love.

When Tasmin risks her life to save a stranger, she has no idea her sacrifice will leave her fate entwined with the most powerful man on Aurora -- DeMarcus Le'JeMur, Prince of the Stars and Ruler Of The Seven Kingdoms, ruler of the planets under Aurorian control.

When DeMarcus impulsively declares he owes Tasmin a life debt, she must convince the Imperial Council to grant them both their freedom. But after a night of erotic delights with the sexy alien, will she be able to let him go?

The saying ‘The eyes have it’ fits perfectly for this clever, entertaining and delightfully fun story. Falling in love with an alien has never been as sexy and steamy as when DeMarcus and Tasmin explore their strange courtship.

I was pleasantly surprised not only with how complete and well developed the novella was but how detailed and interesting the world was that the author created to showcase this unusual love story. Tasmin is a feisty and vocal heroine who acts first and thinks about it later. Her instinctual drive to protect and put herself in harm’s way put a spotlight on her protective instincts. That quality and strength of character got her to the planet Aurora and it also provided the reason for her life taking an unexpected turn into romance. She saves a guy who is more than a mere male. I thought that whole premise to be unique, thrilling and a great hook. The author didn’t disappoint me. Ms. Monroe provided me a wonderful book filled with some of the best elements in romance.

Of course, the hero being delicious, handsome, commanding and noble didn’t hurt. That he was proficient with a sword made the primitive female in me sigh and it certainly kept my interest. How could it not? DeMarcus was at turns the arrogant ruler, with an smug attitude that covered up the untouched heart of the man inside.

I actually like the plot technique of a man being dazzled by a woman who is unlike any other. It makes a lot of sense to me. Familiarity breeds contempt, or at least boredom. It’s the discovery of the unknown, the unpredictable that flames passion and nothing can be as different as a woman from another planet, especially if that planet is Earth. Even with all those differences, the things that remain the same are love, trust, fidelity and respect. The author had her characters touch base on all of them. Even in such a short space Ms. Monroe managed to imbue her characters with foibles and worries, weakness and doubt that eventually would be overcome by the true nature of the hero and heroine as they were tested in a mild but no less exciting clash with a villain.

I wasn’t sure if Tasmin’s sister was necessary as written. She seemed like a piece of glue – sticky and messy, good for some things in a pinch but not solid. She sort of annoyed me a bit but I can’t articulate anything specific. If there were to be a sequel about her, I wouldn’t care to read the book. Now, if DeMarcus had a brother, I might be interested. As for editing, there was only one glitch and that was a needed word missing in the beginning of a sentence. Other than that, it was perfect.

When the protagonists were sent to that room without a view, I was as curious as the heroine but not as nervous. I don’t think I could have survived that level of intensity, though it sure sounded like fun.

On the other hand, the scene where DeMarcus taught Tasmin to obey him was off the charts. That was incredibly written, thoroughly enjoyable and sexy with a capital “S”. And whenever he told her where to look and she did, the results were truly stellar. In fact the whole idea behind it was clever and a treat to read. And when she looked up and the hero told her what she was looking at, I had one of those “wow” moments. I love it when the unexpected happens. Very cool.

Star Prince by Ashlynn Monroe is a sexy out of this world experience that is a pleasure to read. Science fiction romance readers will find the locale exotic, the customs satisfactorily alien and a hero and heroine that truly are well matched. I had a fun time reading this tale and it was read in one sitting. I enjoyed the light drama, the way DeMarcus and Tasmin took turns seducing each other and the marriage ceremony. The happily ever after was not a long drawn out affair but it was enough to assure me they were going to be very good for each other and their adventure is just beginning. I’m so happy I discovered this book because it’s well worth spending time with. Grab a copy and see.

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