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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wild Things: Fanged by Jocelyn Michel

Wild Things: Fanged by Jocelyn Michel
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (36 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Cassidy's searching for mythical monsters in Romania, but she has no clue Andrei, her guide, is just what she's hunting!

Cassidy Kerrigan has reluctantly left her computer to assume the role of host for a brand new prime-time monster hunt called Wild Things. Relying heavily on her hunky guide/cameraman, Andrei Dinu, she crosses the ocean to explore the mountains of Romania.

Her assignment? Prove or debunk once and for all the werewolf myth. But the weather doesn't cooperate, and when rain drives them into a cave, Cass begins to suspect that Andrei is more than he seems. Can mutual passion overcome her fears? And what will happen when the werewolf of myth proves to be much, much more?

The premise of a glitzy city girl in the wilds of Romania with a hunky guide appealed to the curious kitty inside. How would she survive and what would she really discover about herself and the creatures she’s hunting? And, will the show go on without her?

All these questions get explored and the answers are quite entertaining. It’s true the heroine, Cassidy Kerrigan isn’t an outdoors kind of gal. Not at all. The fact she’s even on this assignment has less to do with qualifications and more to do with spite. The story has to be read for a reader of this review to get the full effect. Families in spiraling dysfunction are capable of less than honorable things, or great efforts of sacrifice.

Cassidy is fighting her own sexual drives when she meets up with Andrei Dinu, her guide through the wilderness. If a healthy and available female ever meets up with a guy described as Andrei is in this tale, they’d be hard pressed to do anything else but stare, drool and dream of being the focus of his intentions. As it is, the heroine fights it with professionalism - until it starts to rain. All the best things happen when it rains. You know, plants grow, leaves are washed clean of dust and pollen, and opportunities to explore caves in clingy wet clothes that simply have to come off before they catch their death of cold - those kinds of best things. Yes, there is enough heat and lust to cook up a serious recipe for fast and furious coupling and Ms. Michel certainly knows how to write scenes that should make erotica romance readers happy.

However, Andrei is not what he appears. My favorite part of this story was the surprise that is Andrei. The author had me so convinced I knew what was what. When the truth was revealed, I was impressed. I had no idea. It took me completely by surprise and I enjoyed that. Sure, the author hinted but I was so wrapped up in reading about other things, I missed its significance. Very clever.

The interaction between Andrei and the surprise guest was interesting, although a bit choppy. I’m not sure if it was the pacing, the dialogue or how fast things switched but it didn’t read well for me. I liked the fact of it, just not the delivery. That was short lived fortunately because once it was back to just Andrei and Cassidy, the fun factor kicked in again. I got a charge out of the hero’s handling of the heroine in a sleeping bag. It was cute and fun.

I’d say this was a happily for now versus a happily ever after. The story ends where both the hero and heroine are just coming to grips with the thought that what they feel for the other is truly love. I believe they need a little more time to finalize things. I may get to see it solidify more if the Amazon River gig actually gets written. It would be very interesting especially if what Cassidy is expected to hunt turns up real. If she still has a job. That could be fun or very scary stuff. I’m hoping for fun because, judging by this story, Ms. Michel seems to have a great sense of humor.

Wild Things: Fanged is a rollicking good time for readers who want a sexy paranormal romance that delivers spice, surprises and fun. Cassidy and Andrei are good together and their chemistry is sizzling. I laughed at the part where the hero discussed Cassidy’s photography and her penchant for focusing on other subjects. This story made me smile and entertained me and that’s the best recommendation there is.

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