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Thursday, February 2, 2012

With Her Hunger by Lorie O'Claire

With Her Hunger by Lorie O'Clare
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (68 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Mariah has just lost her entire family. For years, lunewulf have lived peacefully in the Yukon Territory. But when humans burn the werewolves’ homes, Mariah and her pack run to a new home. Determined to embrace her new life and not be destroyed the way her pack was, Mariah refuses to be controlled by anyone. When she spots Luther with two other males, she’s not only interested but willing to take all three of them on. Only one of the males remains in her thoughts though. She will have Luther again.

Luther runs on the edge of the pack that leaves the Yukon Territory and heads to British Columbia. He is Cariboo lunewulf. The lunewulf think his kind are barbaric and run with less honor. Luther has no need for all of the lunewulf’s laws and traditions. He does have a need for Mariah though. It burns so hot through him he won’t let her out of his sight, or his bed, until she agrees to be with him forever.

Dripping with blistering sex-appeal, this paranormal fantasy puts the flame in HOT! Book 8 in the Lunewulf Series, Lorie O'Clre continues her werewolf series with this tale of explosive passion and desire.

Humans have discovered that Marah's family is werewolf. In a panic they burn down her family home killing off most of her family/pack members. The remaining members have decided to leave to go north to join up with a new pack who has agreed to accept them.

Marah is a spitfire who knows what she wants and refuses to even consider the werewolves in her pack as potential mates because they do not appeal to her at all. She has decided to save herself for “mister-wolf--right” but all of that changes when her wolf runs into three fierce looking and very attractive werewolves on the hunt. Marah finds herself attracted to one in particular, “Luther” a Cariboo Lunewulf who likes to live his life by his own rules. But when the two discover they are now mated...fireworks explode as the heat of their attraction melts the sheets as well as the pages.

Ms. O'Clare continues to outdo herself with every new tale she writes about the Lunewulfs. Though I admit I have not read all of the series yet, I am proof that one does not need to know all of the previous characters and back-story to enjoy her work. This was a good stand-alone fable that I will gladly add to my werewolf/romance collection.

With just a few editing mistakes, I found this to be a nice flowing novella that kept me completely entertained. Her characters were extremely interesting and her background was fun and informative. Ms.O'Clare made me want to travel up north to search out and find my own werewolf hunk to mate with.

As far as the sizzle factor, it was off the charts! This story was so hot I found myself glad it is winter to cool myself down.

Hungry for your own lunewolf romance? Well this one should satisfy your craving for a little wolf in your fantasies. No need to add extra spice and already heated to perfection. Just stir and serve!

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