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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brawn by Laurann Dohner

Brawn by Laurann Dohner
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length Full Length (212 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

One look at Brawn, and Becca is wondering how he’d look without his clothes. He’s also instantly attracted to her, but has sworn never to touch a human female. They just aren’t sturdy enough for the type of rough sex Brawn enjoys most. When he learns he’ll be living under the same roof with Becca, Brawn simply sees it as a chance to broaden his knowledge of humans. Hopefully he can do so while keeping his hands off her…

His good intentions go astray when they’re both kidnapped and locked together in a cage. Brawn finds himself reliving a nightmare when he’s once again subjected to breeding experiments at the hands of New Species’ enemies—who will use Becca to get what they want. Brawn and Becca will have to depend on each other if they hope to survive.

This is New Species, book five...and the “Brilliance” continues!
This is one of my favorite series right now!

Laurann Dohner continues to “outshine” all other stars in the galaxy of sci-fi/romance novelist. One of my favorite writers, Ms. Dohner does not disappoint her followers but continues to grace the world with wonderful tales of steamy yet dramatic fiction!

When Brawn is added to the task-force who helps rescue lost New Species still being held prisoner, he becomes the first New Species to live outside of the confines of Homeland or Reservation. With the continual threat of hot-headed bigots and extremist protesting outside the gates demanding the New Species should be destroyed, I knew this scenario couldn't possibly lead to anything good.

Brawn finds himself sharing a house with Becca, the daughter of the leader of the task-force. Immediately there was an electrical attraction between these two, despite the fact Brawn has promised himself he wouldn't become involved with a human female. Before the two can even get a chance to get to know one another they are thrown into a horrific drama that forces them to rely on each other for survival. Brawn, being the strong, protective type, decides to protect Becca the best he can, while finding himself falling deeply for the fragile human. This saga gives us a glimpse into some of the abuse the New Species had to endure before they were set free from Mercile's prisons.

Laurann Dohner has struck gold with her New Species series! I've been following this series from the beginning and I recommend if you possibly can, read the series from the beginning. You'll receive a richer understanding and overall enjoyment. The characters are extremely well written and I couldn't help but be pulled into this compelling fictional reality. Ms Dohner paints for us a colorful picture of heated romance among conflict and struggle.

Brawn's story is extremely emotional and suspenseful! He's the ultimate sexy alpha male whom no one can help but love. His sense of courage, loyalty, protectiveness and compassion made this reader want to snatch up a New Species mate for herself. I love the fact that even though they are part animal DNA and part human, they have insecurities and flaws. The scenarios created in these stories definitely have the heat level of a fiery furnace. The secondary characters are wonderful and I found myself pulled into their lives as well.

I cannot say enough about this book and this series. If you have not experienced any of Laurann Dohner's works of written art yet, than I recommend rushing out and reading this series. You might just find yourself fantasizing about your own New Species mate!

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