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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Long Time Comin' by Cerise Deland

A Long Time Comin’ by Cerise Deland
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (50 pages)
Other: M/F, anal play, sex toys
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Carnation

A sex toy party with her six sassy gal pals? Caitlyn Hagerty is IN! Getting that tingly feeling just looking at the goodies, Cait buys four and screws up her courage to commit to one dynamite plan. She’ll show them to the only man in her life she gets all hot and wet for–and who has no idea he’s the one man she’s craved for too damn long. When Delta Force hunk John Ramos flies home on R&R, Cait promises herself to seduce Ram–or cut him from her life forever.

Ram spots the risque items on Cait’s bed and realizes his claim of her voluptuous body has been too long comin’. It’s time to treat her right. Fess up to what he’s wanted all these years. Take Cait into his chaotic life–for one wild night. And if she wants more?

She has to know that time is not on their side. Right?

Rockets fly through sizzling pages when this fiercely hot pair of long overdue lovers finally makes their match.

Over time, Cait has fallen hard for her childhood friend, Ram. So she decides to show him her true feelings with a planned seduction using the bag of sex toys she bought for the occasion. What she doesn’t know is his plans for their reunion closely resemble her own.

The characterization was finely and expertly done in this sweltering hot tale. Cait is a likable, gutsy heroine anyone would love to be. Ram is every woman’s dream. This big, hot bodybuilding hunk is a dominating force of masculine personal presence who dresses up real nice. Together the two make a powerfully exciting couple.

This story was written exactly as it should have been. Ms. Deland included every element necessary to make it fun, continuously interesting and fiery hot. I loved the descriptively elegant way she defined every scene, making for a high quality eloquent read that bloomed in my imagination. Reading this hotly romantic tale was a joy.

A Long Time Comin' is fun and fulfilling. It is also a sensitively told, well-rounded tale with depth and complex emotional elements. I was impressed with how she incorporated the toys into the story in an original and poignant way. Here are a couple of examples of Ms. Deland’s superb skill and artistry: “Her hope ran like a river of joy.” “She was grinning like a cat in a kid’s cartoon.”

I have everything good to say about A Long Time Comin’ and highly recommend it to all.

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