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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rayne's Wild Ride by Jambrea Jo Jones

Rayne's Wild Ride by Jambrea Jo Jones
Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (63 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Cross Dressing
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Kennedia

It gets better.

Rayne Carr was riding his bike, minding his own business when his life was forever changed. Driving over State Boulevard Bridge he sees a woman about to jump and intervenes. Appearances can be deceiving.

Charles Sylvester Piper, III wants to end it all. No one understands him. His father is abusive and his mother hides in a bottle. When his younger brother finds Piper in his favourite dress he is kicked out of his basement apartment. With nowhere to turn he leaves his life to fates hands. When a big scary biker asks for a kiss on the worst night of his life, who is he to refuse.

Is love really all you need?

Brace yourself! Rayne’s Wild Ride is a journey that's like no other! You will experience almost every emotion in a short time and still be left reeling when you finish. This unique story of two opposites that attract one another had me hooked after only the first chapter and kept me spellbound throughout.

Rayne’s Wild Ride by Jambrea Jo Jones is a modern day fairy tale where the hero rides in on his motorcycle and saves the languishing prince from death. However Ms. Jones has put an extraordinary twist on this premise. This story is about two men, who are like night and day from each other in almost every possible way. Ms. Jones has created a romance between two unlikely characters that expresses two major themes, acceptance and the importance of family.

Rayne Carr, AKA Ray, is a big burly biker complete with tattoos, piercings and a beard. He's a big bear of a man and yet readers are given the impression he's a teddy bear. I couldn't help but love Ray with his kind and giving heart and his healthy attitude on life and love. Ray wants nothing more than to be everything for his large family and ensure they're loved and cared for, in doing so, he puts everyone's needs before his own. Ray is the alpha male hero who discovers the love of his life one fateful night and is determined enough to reach out and hang on to his heart’s desire.

Charles Sylvester Piper III, AKA Piper, is a troubled and confused young man who's struggling with his identity. Piper is gay and likes to wear women's clothes sometimes, especially women's underwear. They make him feel sexy and somehow complete but his fetish is a secret no one else knows about. Until one fateful night when his little brother discovers him dressed like a woman and the chain of events that occur will change Piper's life forever. Piper is at a major turning point in his life and with the arrival of Ray at this pivotal point he discovers happiness and love is possible.

This story was very emotional and pulled at my heartstrings right from the get go. Piper is dealing with the issues of discovering who he really is and what wants his life to be or not to be. Ms. Jones managed to send me on an emotional roller coaster ride, I felt sadness, extreme anger and outrage, happiness and above all, the love shared between two people who seemed destined to be together. An unusual set of circumstances bring Rayne and Piper together but their feelings for each other will cement the bond they share with one another.

Rayne’s Wild Ride is a fast paced story with a great deal of attention to the dialogue and thoughts of the two main characters that kept me engaged throughout this thought provoking story. I would have liked to have had a little more description to the settings so I wasn’t given as much free reign with my imagination, but ultimately I think this technique kept me even more involved in the unfolding events. The relationship between Ray and Piper developed very quickly. The action leading up to the extreme climax moved like lightning with the finale like a giant clap of thunder that left me breathless with its intensity and shocking revelation.

It was a very exciting story, but with that, there were some quickly resolved issues with some of the secondary characters that were not quite believable. My hope is that this author will go back and expand on this story or follow up this story with another that will tie-up those loose ends to satisfy her readers. Overall this story was about Ray and Piper and Ms. Jones penned a romantic fairy tale for them that I really enjoyed. Her style of writing is unique and appealing for someone who reads a lot and would like something just a little different from the norm.

I recommend Rayne’s Wild Ride to readers who like a romance that doesn’t follow a set of rules or boundaries like that of so many other stories and who enjoy a fantastic happily ever after. Rayne’s Wild Ride is definitely a wild ride and story that will have readers looking for more by Ms. Jones. I cannot wait to see what she will think of next.

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