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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time To Live by H.C. Brown

Time To Live by H.C. Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (32 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

Seth Bannock is living a lie. Nothing in his life is working out. He likes women . . . he respects women . . . but when he tries to kiss a woman and she does that tongue thing, he wants to spew.

Confused by his body's reaction to the men at his gym, Seth seeks help from the only gay club he knows—Floggers. Is the man crazy? Seeking answers, the sweet, vanilla virgin marches into the BDSM club to speak to the owner Rio Knight.

Realization that he has been on the wrong team all his life comes in the form of a six-foot-seven Adonis by the name of Matt Duffey. Instantly attracted to the leather-clad alpha male, Seth must leave his old life behind and embrace his newfound sexuality.

Seth thought his life had complications before he met Matt, but nothing comes close to the rollercoaster ride in the big dom's arms.

The author managed to bring a sweet, romantic quality to a BDSM story, which is something refreshing and new. Usually BDSM stories have the trust, and plenty of kink but you do not clearly see the romantic aspect of the story. I really enjoyed the different emotions the author invoked by adding more of a romance element that fleshed out the relationship.

Seth Bannock is a sweetie any man or woman would be lucky to have. While many women have tried to claim him for their own, none of them ever fit the bill for Seth. I loved the discovery of his sexuality throughout this story. The author wrote the book in such a convincing manner it felt as if I was having the new experiences right along with the main character. His naive personality and willingness to experiment provided a really entertaining element to the storyline.

Where Seth is all sweet and wide-eyed, Matt, the other hero, is trained, disciplined, and more than ready to use his learned tools on a sweet virgin. While Matt demands to be the alpha in the relationship at all times, he wants something more than just a submissive; he wants a partner inside and outside the scene. This is something I really appreciated in his character and made me instantly like him. There were times where it seemed he didn't quite get or understand the rules to a vanilla relationship, but he did his best to give Seth everything he needed both in and out of the bedroom. In the end because of the heroes' devotion to learning things together, and to each other, I had the distinct impression their relationship would last for a long-time.

And that's one of the best kind of happily ever afters a reader could wish for. Pick up your own copy and see.


Debby said...

I an new to BDSM by this one sounds perfect to me
Debby236 at gmail dot com

H.C. Brown said...

Thank you for your wonderful review. :-)