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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg

Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (340 Pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

Stockbroker meets stock breaker. But who’s taming whom?

London stockbroker Jasper Randolph flies to Jackson Hole with hopes as high as the Grand Tetons. Hope that the getaway will force him to let loose, get dirty, and overcome a deep-seated phobia about horseback riding.

He hadn’t counted on an attraction to the dude ranch owner’s son, a man with sun-tousled hair, eyes bluer than Wyoming skies…and a father who’d rather eat tofu than accept his only son’s sexuality.

The moment Calum lays eyes on the uptight, buttoned-down Brit, he’s lost. But with his own saddlebags full of emotional baggage, he knows he should be looking at anything but Jasper’s spotless riding boots and tight-fitting jodhpurs. Trouble is, Jasper makes his heart buck like a wild horse trying to break free.

Despite the differences that set them oceans apart, they fall hard and fast. Trouble isn’t far behind, and they’re in for a rocky romantic ride. Especially since there’s growing evidence that someone is willing to do anything—no matter how dangerous—to poison their love.

When I think of an author who can wring every single emotion out of me, only one name stands out in my mind: Barbara Elsborg. She's the Queen of Angst, hands down supreme ruler of the realm.

For years, Jasper Randolph has lived a half life. Horseback riding had always been something he enjoyed until a terrible accident changed everything. He's ready to get over his fear and has decided to take his life back. He travels from England to Wyoming just for the chance to climb back into the saddle. One look at a delicious cowboy and Jasper is done for. Now he has other needs he wants fulfilled, starting with the tall, gorgeous, hunky kind.

Calum is intrigued by the buttoned up Brit from the moment he sees him in the baggage claim area. He knows his curiosity is better left alone and does his best it ignore it. There's something about Jasper that opens Calum’s heart though. Their attraction is sizzling and obvious. Attraction this strong is hard to ignore and it's been noticed by the wrong people.

Moments together are scarce and secret, but powerful. Now there are odd occurrences happening at the ranch. A seemingly relaxing vacation has taken many scary turns and danger is everywhere. Though their attraction is explosive, it doesn’t look like they will have a future when everything and everyone is standing in their way.

The old saying that love can make you do stupid things is a good saying for Cowboys Down. I could see from the very beginning things were not going to be easy for these two men. Jasper is a man who dresses to the nines and acts the proper gentleman in the heart of cowboy country, where they get down and dirty. He could not be more out of his environment. Also, life has been hard on Calum because he is gay. He lives in a world where his sexual preference is not openly allowed or welcome.

If this was my vacation that I paid good money for, I would not have put up with a smidgen of what Jasper put up with. I’m not sure if he was foolish and stupid or strong and resolved. I've read several of Ms. Elsborg’s books and this one by far has made me the angriest. My frustration ran high and at times, I actually thought that this might be my first DNF book. Ms. Elsborg had me agitated, angry, confused and frustrated probably through half of this book. She wrote scenes so well I felt as if I was right there ready to sock the next person who spouted mean hateful things. She truly captured the ugliness of hatred, bigotry and ignorance.

She drew me in and held on really tight. I had to put down the book several times to get my composure. I was on emotional overload. Cowboys Down is not for the weak and timid. It's an emotional roller coaster. I'm very happy I was able to muster through and finish the book. It's an eye opening experience into the lives of two amazing men and the trial and tribulations they had to weather to find their happily ever after.

Love is sometimes hard and dirty, but in the end if you can make it through the rough times, you very well may find happiness. Cowboys Down proves that, over and over again.

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