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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lydia’s Twin Temptation by Heather Rainier

Lydia’s Twin Temptation by Heather Rainier
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (318 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Toys
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Lydia Webster is stranded in west Texas, waiting tables to earn money to escape Fort Stockton and the clutches of her lecherous boss. Circumstances have brought the professional chef to west Texas and left her high and dry.

Distance means nothing to Chance Carlisle when he recalls the beautiful waitress's smile and blue eyes. His brother Clayton doesn't believe in long-distance relationships, even though he is attracted to Lydia, too. Chance offers her a position as their chef, but it's Lydia herself who he wants. Despite numerous disruptions, the attraction between Lydia and Clayton grows, along with her love for Chance, until passion blazes out of control like a Texas wildfire.

Lydia had longed for life in a small town and loves Divine, but there's just one catch. Her overprotective big brothers live in Divine, and there's going to be hell to pay when they find out why she's there.

“Sometimes it’s best to just jump on in, baby.”

Lydia doesn’t simply give in to the temptation of Chance and Clayton Carlisle, she embraces their love with her whole heart.

Are you in the market for one of those books that’s chock full of sweet “awww” moments? You know the type of book I mean: the ones where the characters don’t drive the reader nuts by spending more time fighting their attraction to one another rather than enjoying the chemistry. The books that don’t expend vast amounts of time on correcting misunderstandings just to tie the characters up into a new emotional pretzel every other chapter. Conflict is fine, even necessary, but some authors wear the reader down with never ending angst. If you prefer the books that steal your breath with their passion and sensual romance, I have a treat for you.

Lydia Webster is determined to live her life by her own rules and make her own way. She loves her “mama-bear” big brothers but they have their lives and she doesn’t want or need for them to interfere in hers. Not to say she’s opposed to all men being helpful or supportive. Take the deliciously sexy, sweet and generous Carlisle twins. More specially, Chance Carlisle. Just when Lydia thinks she’s hit rock bottom, Chance is there to bring her home and surround her with love times two.

Ms. Rainier has the perfect quote to describe the difference in identical twins Chance and Clayton. They are “two totally identical men who were completely different. Chance, who was her sunshine and air. The one who had saved her. And Clayton who was her moonlight and passion. Her lover.” See, I bet you just said “aww”. You’re welcome.

The road to Lydia, Chance and Claytons’ HEA isn’t completely without issues. A gold-digger, an old flame and mouthy jerk each put some effort into creating a stumbling block for the lovers. As with all true love stories, these useless individuals are more annoying than actual trouble. Actually, it’s one of Lydia’s big brothers that cause Chance and Clayton any real pain. *Sigh* They never saw it coming.

I could literally go on and on about the clever dialogue, creative plot, the fluid storyline, built in soundtrack (my personal favorite touch by Ms. Rainier) and so on. This book is fulfilling on so many levels. Did I mention these three know how to set the sheets on fire? You aren’t just in the room when things get hot, you’re with them on the bed, the counter, the chaise lounge, the pier…bring a fan. Clothing optional.

Even if this is your first trip to Divine Creek, I have no doubt you’ll enjoy Lydia, Chance and Clayton’s story. There’re several returning characters and some storylines from other books that are brought in but that should only whet your appetite to go find the other books and not preclude your enjoyment of this book.

Author Heather Rainer pens some of my favorite full length ménage romance novels. I know each time I return to visit Divine Creek I’m going to meet and fall in love with a whole new and unique set of men and the woman lucky enough to catch their eye. With each new story I tell myself “this is going to be my favorite grouping” and then Ms. Rainier proves me wrong with a new installment to the series. The hallmark of an excellent storyteller is the ability to create a world where her characters continue to live on after the last page and where her readers beg for an opportunity to visit time and again. Lydia’s Twin Temptation is a fantastic read and not to be missed.

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