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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Because I Can by Amarinda Jones

Because I Can by Amarinda Jones
Publisher: eXcessica Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (199 pgs)
Other: M/F, BDSM
Rating: 4 Stars
Review By: Dianthus

Can having wild sex in a lift with a gorgeous stranger a bad thing? It is when that man turns out to be the CEO of the company you work for and he is the last man you want having any control over you. Being all hot naked and sexy with the CEO is not exactly a career move – especially not in public, screaming your lungs out as you come.

When Justin Hale teaches Miranda Marshall a steamy lesson about who is the boss, Miranda is more than happy to pay him back in kind. The game is on. Just how in control is the boss? Can she bring him to his knees without falling hopelessly to her own? After all, this has nothing to do with love. It’s just toe curling sex…isn’t it? And Miranda certainly does not want the whole office to know what she and Justin Hale are doing.

But someone does know. It’s the same person who has been causing chaos in the office for months. Is this person the office Robin Hood or are they out for revenge with Miranda in his sights?

Miranda “Rand” Marshall is about to rock the new CEO’s world. If only she could keep her eyes off the hunky guy walking ahead of her. Sex needs to be a higher priority in the future, because this guy is nothing like what she needs, but there's something that keeps drawing her eyes to him. And yet, he seems to be going the same way as her, so a little looking won’t do any harm, at least until they part ways. Then disaster hits, the lift stops working, and the tables turn on Miranda. Her world is the one getting rocked, by none other than Justin Hale her new CEO and current number one enemy. She knows it isn't the best idea to keep sleeping with him but she keeps coming back and just can’t seem to get enough. But danger is lurking in the shadows, and accidents start to happen. While these two get closer to each other a mad man is out to get Rand and bring her down. Can Justin stop him in time or will he lose Rand to this madman before she knows how he feels?

Justin Hale hates being in Brisbane, Australia. And yet the more he hears about the problems Rand Marshall is causing at his call center the more that he's liking this unplanned detour. She's nothing like the women he's been attracted to in the past, and yet he can’t get enough of her. It’s wrong and yet this attraction feels so good. Surely a little bad could be a good thing in the end. When the threats on his company turn to Rand in particular, Justin is willing to do anything to keep her safe, but can he find the mad man in time to save the girl?

While the beginning of this story left me a bit confused with the order in which I was introduced to the main characters the more I read the better things got. I was disappointed to note several editing goofs because they tended to pull me from the flow of the story, but I was still able to enjoy reading this saucy book. I loved the suspense element of this one, and the tying in of the real life characters/situations made this book enjoyable.

Amarinda Jones is a new to me author, and she's one who I'll read again in the future. If you're looking for a good romance story with some nice suspense and great, smoking hot sex then this is a book you'll definitely want to pick up.

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