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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Burn List by Julia Devlin

The Burn List by Julia Devlin
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (79 pgs)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Plumeria

After spending her thirtieth birthday with her parents, straight-as-an-arrow Abby Simmons drowns her sorrows in a bottle of tequila and a splash of margarita mix. All she wants is a little excitement, one chance to go wild before she settles back into her regularly scheduled life. Fueled by liquid courage, Abby sets out to give herself the perfect gift—her bad-boy neighbor, firefighter Lukas Marlow.

Sure, Lukas likes intoxicated girls looking to turn their fantasies into reality as much as the next guy, but this is sweet little Abby. Definitely on the do-not-touch list. Determined to save her from embarrassment, he sends her away with an order to sleep it off and a promise to fulfill her desires in the sober light of day. Confident he’s scared her away for good, nothing could have shocked him more than an email from Abby the next morning, outlining her sexual to-do list.

Turns out his quiet neighbor isn’t such a good girl after all, and Lukas has no other choice but to make her burn.

What happens when you mix tequila and an uptight accountant on her birthday? I’ll give you a hint, it includes a sexy fireman!

What you get is a smokin’ hot, should not be read around people, sexy book about Lukas the fireman and the not-as-she-seems, Abby. Basically the book begins with Abby down in the dumps over hitting the dreaded milestone birthday of 30. Being the “smart” one in the family, she grew up from her unexciting childhood into her unexciting life to be an unexciting accountant and was depressed on her unexciting birthday. Can’t say I blame her! After a little run in with shirtless Lukas, she is driven to drink.

At the end of a batch of margaritas, heavy on the tequila, she has an epiphany. Like some people, being drunk makes her lose all inhibitions and she knocks on Lukas’ door looking for a good time. Of course Lukas is not only sexy, he’s also sweet, making him a double threat. He’s too nice of a guy to take advantage of a half dressed, uber drunk Abby. So he tells her to sober up and make a list of all the fantasies she wants Lukas to help her with. If she hasn’t dug a hole and disappeared into it come morning, Lukas would help her. Of course he had no idea Miss Prim and Proper would have a backbone made of steel.

I really loved this book! I loved how Abby starts out as this closed bud of a flower, beautiful yet simple. Then as the story progresses she blooms under Lukas’ touch. He feeds her passion and confidence every time they are together. Because of Lukas, Abby is able to get past the largest bump in her road and blossoms into this huge, beautiful rose. One that has many layers and is full of life. As for Lukas, what’s not to love? First off he’s sexy. Second he’s a fireman, making him a hero. Third, did I mention he was sexy? What really drew me to Lukas was the sharp edge he has. While Lukas isn’t a hard core Dom, he dabbles in it. And boy is he good when he dabbles. He knows exactly how Abby needs to be handled, and even though he comes off as a jerk at times, it’s all because Lukas is a nice guy deep down and actually cares about Abby’s feelings.

I hope that Julia Devlin turns this into a series, each starring another guy from the fire house. I’d especially love to see Trevor, Lukas’ best friend taken down a peg or three by a woman.

If you like a book that makes you hot under the collar and leads you to jumping someones bones, then look no farther!

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