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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Wild by Kate St. James

A Little Wild by Kate St. James
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (355 pgs)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

She wants a piece of his rock. He needs her, rock steady, in his heart.

Tess Sheridan won’t let anything stop her from making partner at a prestigious law firm, especially her notoriously soft heart. The result? She’s a handful of clients away from getting her name on that brass plate. And she hasn’t had sex in over a year.

When her best friend dares her to test-drive her erotic fantasies with a gorgeous stranger, she figures, why not? Loosening the reins will give her inner nympho some well-deserved pampering without jeopardizing her career goals.

Zach Halliday has enjoyed his bad-boy reputation to the fullest, but now it’s time to leave the relative safety of the family corporation and prove he can stand on his own in the business world. That doesn’t mean he’ll pass up an opportunity for some incredible phone sex with the beautiful strawberry blonde he met in a bar.

When business overlaps with the bedroom, Zach sees something special in Tess and is determined to convince her he’s the man she needs, anytime, anyplace. She can backpedal, but come hell or high-climbing-wall, he wants the fascinating, complicated sex bomb in his bed. Over and over again…

Poised, professional, and prepared is the recipe by which Teresa Sheridan plans on making partner at the law firm she works for. She's all business until a night out with her best friend, one too many drinks, and a dare brings out her inner nympho. Not one to say no to a dare she accepts the challenge all the while looking for loopholes in the agreement. Soon after, it's all Tess can do to stop embarrassing herself further with the total hottie by the bar. However, a bet's a bet and Tess hates to lose, but her heart wasn't part of the bargain.

Zach wasn't about to say no to the strawberry blonde wearing business clothes smelling slightly of alcohol. Looks can be deceiving and Zach, more than anyone, knew that. Her unexpected proposition had him definitely intrigued and highly aroused. However, Zach's seemingly simplistic life of women and money gets complicated with the addition of Tess and her new "lawyerly" role with his father's company. Doesn't mean they can't have some fun if she's willing. Yet, all too soon, having fun with Tess isn't enough – not nearly.

There are so many deliciously sexy and sensual activities in this story that are sure to please the inner nympho of many readers. The story does as the title suggests and gets a little wild with the sex scenes. Role-playing, phone sex, a voyeuristic fantasy while masturbating, and lots and lots of foreplay – office, closet, a magazine and food. Tess and Zach are fun and teasing to read during these moments and aren’t into extremes, so for them it's about exploration. The seriousness comes into play outside of the bedroom and how they emotionally evolve into their relationship.

Tess is the uptight lawyer who hasn't had sex in a while, but she's afraid of commitment because of her parents' mistakes. So she meets always fun and adventurous Zach who was supposed to be her sex-with-no-strings kind of guy. Zach didn't anticipate, though, the effect the right woman would have on his commitment-shy heart. That premise leads to great character dynamics and I loved that the male lead acknowledges his feelings and then makes a plan of attack. I did feel kind of cheated without the majority focus being on Tess and Zach. The secondary characters of Tess's best friend and Zach's older brother are a bit distracting as they are interjected throughout the story. I enjoyed reading about these two characters and their own dysfunctional quirks, but the switching of point-of-views was just a tad frustrating. They definitely have a story and it would have been great to read it separately from this one.

The storyline picks up quickly in the beginning and keeps moving with a few small unexpected twists. Great intro for a new-to-me author that I will definitely be checking out again. Readers who like their romances extra racy should check this one out.

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Sirani said...

I loved this book. If you want a fun and sexy romp filled with smart and clever characters with a sense of humor, irreverence and even a dose of reality, you will love it too. The book is about more than sexual attraction and will variously delight you, turn you on and make you believe in true love.