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Friday, May 4, 2012

Off the List by Sandra Sookoo

Off the List by Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Purple Sword Publications
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (50 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

She wants off the Nice List. He owns the Naughty List. Christmas Eve has never been so sexy.

Jack, the outcast cousin of the Claus family, has one job within the Realm of Christmas. He’s in charge of the Naughty List. Distributing coal, emptying stockings, returning gifts, that’s his bag—but it does have its perks. Some of the women on the List wait up for him on December 24th and he makes sure to deck their halls with every visit.

Cadence Harris did everything right in her life. Played by the rules, dated the “good” boys, said the right things, worked at the right job. But this year for Christmas, she wants something entirely different. She wants off the Nice List and in a big way. Never in her wildest dreams can she imagine what’s in store when Jack pays her an accidental visit.

The night will prove that Santa always delivers.

Tired of always being the nice girl and the go-to girl, Cadence is ready to do whatever it takes to get on the naughty list. So when Jack shows up at her house she's more than ready to let him show her just how to get on that naughty list. Jack is just as tired of his job of taking care of the naughty list for Santa. Feeling empty inside and wanting more from his life he finds himself drawn to Cadence and her sweetness. Both know that this night will more than likely be it for them but can they ignore the feelings they each begin to have for the other?

I really enjoyed this story. Jack is a bad boy through and through but he has a heart underneath all his bravado and Cadence may be just the woman to tear down the walls he has built around it. I loved watching the attraction that the two feel for each other turn into so much more as the story goes on. I adore Jack and was glad to see that Cadence was able to see the man behind his fa├žade. She's a smart woman who soon learns how to stand on her own because of Jack. The two make a wonderful couple. Each one complimenting and giving the other just what they need.

These characters where vividly brought to life for me and the author did a great job of pulling me into their world right from the very start. The love these two begin to share shines right off of the pages and when the end came and I had to leave it had me wishing I could come back and visit them again.

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