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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Acting Witchy by Thayer King

Acting Witchy by Thayer King
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal
Length: Short Story (100 pgs)
Other: M/F, forced seduction
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Actor Sean Savage can’t take his mind off of fellow movie star Mystique Gray. He won’t give up until she agrees to work with him. Sean soon realizes she’s the woman for him. Unfortunately, she hates him and he can’t understand why.

Mystique Gray is an up and coming actress. She’s never met the handsome heartthrob Sean Savage, but she knows a secret about the famous actor that no one else does: Sean Savage is a witch. She gives in to his request to do his movie, but she’s determined to keep their relationship strictly professional. Letting him close could be dangerous for her heart—and his safety.

Her name is Mystique but the real mystery is why she doesn't jump at the chance to be with Hollywood sexy man Sean Savage. Does she perhaps know the secret he keeps well hidden?

Mystique Gray was an up and coming actress who was being sought after by heart throb Sean Savage. Sean wanted Mystique to star in a movie with him but she repeatedly refused. She didn't say why she refused to do it, but people thought that it was because of his reputation as a ladies man that put her off.

Actually her reasons went far deeper than that, because Mystique knew something about Sean that even he didn’t know she knew. It’s not just that Mystique didn't like Sean, she just didn't want him to know what she knew about him. She did everything she could to avoid him but to her surprise she ran into him in the one place she least expected to find him, the ladies room.

This story was a pleasant read with characters that were interesting and had mystery surrounding them. It was fun to discover their secrets and the reason why Mystique refused to star with Sean, and what Sean did to finally get her to do the movie. It was also enjoyable to see how their relationship grew into something more than dislike.

The supporting characters added depth to the story: Her grandmother Mama Skye, who practically raised her, her cousin Nikita, Sean’s brother Keith and Mystique’s estranged mother Meadow. The interaction between the main characters and the supporting characters helped me settle into the story and lose myself in it. Readers looking for a little paranormal love story will enjoy Acting Witchy.

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