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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Endings by GA Hauser

Happy Endings by GA Hauser
Publisher: The GA Hauser Collection
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (224 pgs)
Other: M/M, BDSM, Anal sex, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Twenty-seven year old, Kelsey 'Kellie' Hamilton was caught up in the economic housing disaster. Losing his home, his job, and having to reinvent himself, Kellie went back to school for his certificate in massage therapy and is hired by an elite spa in West Hollywood. Though Kellie had experienced 'happy endings' in the past while getting massages from older men, he was going to abide by the rules and not get sexual with his clients.

Montgomery 'Monty' Gresham, ex Navy SEAL plans to open up a SEAL training boot camp for civilians, and decides getting referrals from a celebrity club in LA would be a perfect idea. While Monty recruits members to his military training center, he meets the handsome massage therapist, Kellie Hamilton.

The contact between Kellie and Monty while Monty is on the massage table instantly sends both men into a state of pure sexual arousal. In this heightened state, where two opposites certainly are attracted, Kellie needs to decide if the tough thirty-eight year old ex-military man will be his Happy Ending, or if living happily ever after is just a fairy tale.

Twenty-seven and thirty-eight are certainly looking great. Have I intrigued you? Wondering what the numbers mean? Okay, there's nothing really exciting about them other than they are the ages of the characters in GA Hauser's book, Happy Endings. The ages didn't matter to me, but the guys are smoking hot.

I picked up the book because I already love the work of Ms Hauser. I know when I grab one of her books, I'll be transported to the world of the characters and walk away feeling like I've spent time with close friends. This book was no exception. Kellie likes to refer to himself as boring. Trust me, there are things in his life that are not boring. He's got a past the reader, like me, can relate to. He's had to work to get where he is--again. I liked that there were times when he let his past bog him down, then got right back up. It made him believable as a character. I couldn't get enough. Monty is exciting as well. Ex-Navy SEAL, guarded, he's a conundrum I enjoyed reading about. Coming out is hard and even harder when you don't feel like you can. That's how Monty felt at times and again, it was nicely realistic. I did think the dancing between Monty and Kellie took a bit long, but I could understand why. Two men, scared that things could collapse at any moment, but wanting to try. It's great stuff. Oh, and that session in the massage room in the middle...I'm pretty sure parts of the book melted.

I'll gladly pick up more by GA Hauser and recommend Happy Endings. If you want a book that's got sass, huge cupcakes, men with more muscle than should be legal and lots of heart, then this book is for you.

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