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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Double Dare by Sky Robinson

Double Dare by Sky Robinson
Publisher: Red Sage Publications
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (101pgs)
Other: voyeurism, M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed By Dianthus

Sydney James wants to put a little fun back in her friend Emma’s life, so she talks Emma into a dare to sleep with the first two good looking men they see. Emma doesn’t know that it’s a setup with Sydney’s new boyfriend Logan Ford, and his sexy older brother Jack. Sydney and Logan fulfill the dare in the woods, and Emma and Jack stumble onto front row seats. Emma’s a little too conservative to go through with the dare right away, but she regrets not having a little fun with the man as the day rolls on. Her love life has been nonexistent and having Jack around makes her see just how much she wants that to change. Luckily she gets her chance later that night when Sydney invites Logan and Jack to her cabin.

Sydney James is just looking to have a little fun. After a bad marriage and an even worse divorce, running into the woods to start fresh seemed like a good idea at the time. While transforming herself into the woman that she used to be, Sydney comes across sexy Logan and decides that some cougar action might just be what she needs to right all of her wrongs. What Sydney didn't expect was the feeling of wanting something more the longer she's with Logan. He keeps her sexually satisified and is always a gentleman, but she wants more than just a tumble in the hay. After running from her past for so long can she stop to claim the guy who has made her love herself again? And what of her best friend Emma, who is just as broken as she? Sydney will have to do some quick thinking to not only make herself happy but to maybe find a man for Emma, too.

Emma needs this little get away with her best friend, Sydney. Watching Sydney blossom again after such a horrible marriage is a pleasure for Emma and something she would like to have for herself someday. After losing her husband suddenly, Emma has put herself on the back burner for so long it feels strange to think of just her again. Maybe Sydney has the right idea, a no strings attached affair with a hot woodsman who makes her skin tingle and burn. Can Emma take the leap of faith she needs to get Jack in bed with her, and if she does, can she say goodbye to him in the morning?

Jack just wants to work and go home at the end of the day. Working with his brother Logan everyday can be frustrating, but to keep the business alive Jack is willing to bend when need be. Will meeting Emma be the missing piece he has felt gone for sometime or will she make the perfect one night stand to release some of his pent up sexual frustration? It may just take a little lying from Logan and Sydney to make Emma and Jack see each other as something more, but what are a best friend and a brother suppose to do when they want everyone to be as happy as they are?

This was an interesting story that, while short, allowed the characters to tell their own stories to the fullest and still have room for a sequel in the end. Sydney and Logan were devious in the beginning but with the best of intentions toward Jack and Emma. Watching those two come to want each other and admit to trying something new was great to see. I would have like to make the story longer to get to see how things turn out for Jack and Emma, but maybe they will appear in another story down the line from Sky Robinson. If you are looking for a sexy story with some great characters than this is the story for you to pick up!

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