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Friday, July 6, 2012

Haven: Rules of Mating by Nia K Foxx

Haven: Rules of Mating by Nia K Foxx
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (171 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Ashlei Preen had spent her entire childhood trying to fit in with the residents of Haven. A pretty tall order for someone deemed a regular human in a town of shifters. In spite of her minor “defect” she managed to hold her own. As an adult she applied that same tenacity to her medical practice. Lately her thoughts have been filled with the town’s newest resident who seems more eager to be away from her rather than share the same air space, but Ashlei's used to having to fight for what she wants.

Done with the big city and the stream of crime that consumed his life as a Special Forces detective, Seth Riddick thinks Haven is just what he needs: a thriving shifter town where he can be true to himself and enjoy his frequent hunts without fear of being tranqed (that really pisses him off). Haven's definitely a paradise for a lone wolf like him, but even paradise has its complications. For Seth that complication comes equipped with a stethoscope and enough determination to have him questioning his bachelor status.

Oh, she definitely wants him, but isn’t long before the lines become blurred of who’s chasing whom.

Ashlei Preen is the doctor in the town of Haven, and she and her family are lion shifters. Everyone except Ashlei, that is. Ashlei is a non shifting shifter which has been something she has had to live with her entire life. This is especially hard because the town of Haven is full of shifters of all kinds, and they look at her with pity. No shifter male will approach her because they feel that because of her non shifting problem she would not be able to handle a shifter male. She has come to terms with that and has decided that she will not mate, that is until the new sheriff comes to town.

Seth Riddick is the ultimate alpha male and he has his sights set on Ashlei. At first he thought she was human but when she told him that she couldn't shift his interest in her just increased. Her sister Reigna was against her growing attraction and referred to Seth as a fleabag. Her mother continually tries to set her up with guys, the latest being Thad, who is more interested in her brother Will than her. She tries hard to keep her attraction quiet but fails miserably because Seth is simply gorgeous.

Nia Foxx writes stories that will keep you interested and characters that will reach out from the pages of her book, grab you by the hand, and pull you right in. Every character in this story had a purpose and contributed towards story.

Ashlei’s sister Reigna was funny, calling Seth a wolf in sheriff's clothing, and drawing pictures of what Ashlei’s and Seth’s children would look like, saying that they were faces only a mother could love. This story was so enjoyable, the heat between the main characters radiated from the pages. However, there are a few loose ends left hanging such as who is kidnapping girls and burying their clothes that were left unresolved. These I’m sure will be answered in future books. Overall, Haven: Rules of Mating is an excellent read one that I’m sure will appeal to everyone.

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