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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Her Secret Pleasure by Stephanie Morris

Her Secret Pleasure by Stephanie Morris
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: Contemporary, Interracial
Length: Short Story (184 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Two years ago, Leilani Agawa made the worst mistake of her life. To her mortification, the sole person who witnessed it was her coworker and pain in her backside, Rogan Davidson. However, after the pact she makes with three of her best friends, Leilani is determined to leave the past behind. Accepting a new promotion seems to be a good way to start. The problem is she will have to work closely with Rogan and the man is a distraction—a drop dead gorgeous, sexy-as-sin distraction.

Rogan Davidson can’t get Leilani Agawa out of his head—not since that one night that happened between them two years ago. He saw a side of Leilani he never knew existed, and he wants to get to know her better. If only he could get her to take his proposition seriously. When he and Leilani are paired together for a two-week work related road trip, he sees his chance. Now all he has to do is show Leilani that he’s worth more than just being her secret pleasure.

Leilani Agawa met her three best friends Teagan, Carissa and Alana her freshman year of college; now years later they are still close friends and meet every Friday night for sushi. They're all work-a-holics and Teagan feels its time to change up a few things. Leilani is not so sure about this, and since two years ago she fell for a loser of a man, she was hesitant to take this step. After a little conjoling from her friends, Leilani soon saw the challenge and decided that she would try to change her life as well.

Rogan Davidson is a colleague of Leilani who two years ago walked in on her attempted seduction of the loser son of the boss, Garry. He has been enamored of her ever since but has kept his distance waiting for her to notice him. He decided that he has waited long enough and has managed to get her to work closely with him, which would also help her get the promotion she wants. She's not thrilled about this because she is attracted to Rogan but thinks he would not like a girl like her, especially after the seduction fiasco. Rogan is determined to get her in his bed, but Leilani, even though she wants to be there, cares about what people would say about a relationship between them especially when she gets the promotion. She wants to keep any relationship they have a secret and he wants everyone to know.

Rogan and Leilani fit so well, their back and forth banter kept me interested and smiling at times because I just knew that they would somehow get past all the "what ifs" and get together.  Teagan was entertaining because, as Leilanis’ sounding board, she didn’t pull any punches. When Leilani called to tell her she made the mistake of having sex with Rogan, Teagan gasped and asked her if he was bad in bed. When Leilani told her no that they had shower sex, Teagan sighed and said ‘there’s nothing like morning shower sex.’ This character was funny, direct and the kind of girlfriend every woman should have.

As I said, the story was entertaining and the only negative is that it would have been nice to see how Teagan got with Jonas because one minute she was saying how she wanted to be bad, then the next time she and Leilani spoke she was with Jonas. I know this was a story about Leilani and Rogan but a little side story for Teagan would have been nice also. Regardless, this is a good story and one I’m sure everyone will enjoy.

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