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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sexual Shift by Beverly Rae

Sexual Shift by Beverly Rae
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (172 Pages)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, menage
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by: Foxglove

He’ll fight like a demon to keep her safe—Heaven and Hell be damned.

Magical Sisters, Book 3

After her parents’ deaths, Hilly Tristan sacrificed anything resembling a social life to raise her two sisters. Now that they’ve settled down with loves of their lives, it’s finally her turn to find a man of her own. Trouble is, she doesn’t go for the bar scene, and online dating seems, well, desperate—even if she could find a site that caters to shape-shifters.

The offspring of a demon and a once-fallen angel, Tanner Cage comes by his playboy lifestyle honestly. Blessed with a few special powers of his own, settling down with one woman isn’t even on his radar. The captivating Hilly, though, tempts him to do just that.

Hilly figures she can handle any bad boy, even the son of a demon. Handling his evil mommy dearest’s schemes to keep them apart? That’s another kettle of brimstone—and bed full of buxom broads. There’s only one thing to do: fight sex with sex to win back the man of her dreams.

Except Tanner’s mother is mad enough to spit lightning bolts, which means staying together risks getting the shock of their lives—or deaths.

Hilly Tristan has spent most of her life raising her two younger sisters. Now that they have found true love, it's her turn. As a shape shifter, Hilly has never thought much about a romantic future for herself; she was too busy keeping tabs on her sisters, the witch and the succubus. Too bad the only two great guys in town are already married…to her sisters! When she meets playboy bad boy Tanner Cage, she's tempted, but doesn’t really trust him. When she learns what he is, the son of a demon and an angel, she's determined not to fall under his spell. But she figures she can have some long deserved fun and games. Tanner has been a playboy for so long, he's stunned when he discovers he wants to give up his playboy ways for the lovely Hilly. There’s only one problem: mommy dearest, who will destroy any female who tries to change her son into a ‘good’ guy. She’s done it before, and Hilly will be next if Tanner doesn’t watch it. Can Hilly survive what Tanner’s mom has planned?

This is Beverly Rae’s third Magical Sisters book, and the world is just as delightful and fun as the first two. I enjoy the mix of reality and magical fantasy Ms. Rae uses in her stories, with characters who could easily be your next door neighbors. I like that these magical women have the same worries and insecurities as normal women, and they seem at times to have no clue what's going on in their lives.

Hilly is a strong, loyal sister and friend. She has waited for her time to shine and now that her sisters are both settled with loving husbands, it's her turn to find love. I was glad she was sticking with her principles, and not looking for love in bars or on the internet. I like that she wants to find love without using her magic, and she wants a strong man who will be her equal. When she meets Tanner, she's stunned to learn what he is, and I liked that she was willing to stand up to his mother the demon to be with him.

Tanner is the epitome of the rich, handsome and spoiled playboy. When he meets Hilly, he's drawn to her goodness and her unspoiled beauty. But he knows just what his mother is capable of-he’s been down this road before, and it didn’t end well. I enjoyed that he was willing to go to any lengths to keep Hilly safe, including a subterfuge to pretend she means nothing to him by sharing her with another half breed demon. I enjoyed watching Tanner as he stood up to his mother for Hilly, and his feelings for her.

There's a surprise ending to this one, and I refuse to spoil it for the readers, but I will say that these two characters share some very hot moments of passion in the bedroom, and several other locations as well. I enjoyed seeing what has developed in the other two sisters' lives, and I loved seeing who saved the day. It wouldn’t be a Beverly Rae book without some steamy hot sex and screaming danger. I recommend this for all who want the magic with the romance.

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