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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good at Being Bad by Cathryn Fox

Good at Being Bad by Cathryn Fox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (83 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

Sometimes a good girl just needs a little naughty.

Boys of Beachville, Book 1

Public relations specialist Allison Cooper is more than ready to handle a career make-or-break assignment: to develop and market a charity calendar featuring hot men. Her only problem is Mr. July, a sexy cop who happens to be her ex-lover.

Trying to keep his image squeaky clean—a must for her promotion—raises all sorts of challenges, especially when this bad boy is throwing a little kink into her plan.

Image is the last thing on Carter James’s mind. He agreed to be Mr. July on one condition—that during his promo month, Allison never leaves his side. He wants her back, and to make that happen he needs her undivided attention to teach him good from bad. Unless bad is what the lady wants…

Carter James is very good at being bad. His mischievous nature is frustrating, but impossible to resist especially since this bad boy is a cop. However, in the last four months the twinkle in his eye has dimmed since Allison Cooper became the girl who got away. When a charity assignment puts her back in his sights, Carter is prepared to play a little dirty in order to remind her of just how good they were together. But to keep her he'll have to prove that he's a reformed bad boy.

Allison Cooper couldn't be happier with how her career is going. She's finally getting the recognition and promotion she deserves. However, Ally's first major project will not only test her potential, but also her patience when facing her ex and his penchant for trouble. Upon hearing his familiar nickname for her, “Ally Cat” knows Carter is up to no good. Her resolve to be by-the-book and keep his image clean for the sake of her job will be sorely tested. It's Carter's compromise complete with conditions that has Ally on high alert of falling for the dangerously sexy cop, but is the risk to her heart worth the reward of his good behavior?

Initially I was a little confused as to the reasoning behind Ally dumping Carter. When the truth finally came out, I couldn't completely relate to the reasoning, and surprisingly Ally seemed to be unaware of the extent of the reasoning herself. She figures it out "epiphany style" while Carter's hard at work trying to redeem their relationship.

Carter is an "instinctual" character and more often than not will throw the book out if it means doing the right thing. Ally on the other hand is the opposite of that and prefers the strictness of rules, which is why she can't understand Carter's nature to throw himself in dangerous or risky situations even if it's part of his job. Although she's well acquainted with his profession through familial ties, it isn't until she witnesses a defining moment where Carter the man and Carter the cop become one that she begins to understand. I very much enjoyed Carter's display of protective and possessive instincts where Ally's concerned and especially when it comes to intimacy between the two. Carter's last “condition” for Ally is well said and significant to the past, present, and future development of their relationship.

The storyline is very relationship driven with characters reconnecting on an emotional and physical level. The beach/bedroom scenes are definitely scorching with just a touch of the BDSM element that includes handcuffs. With a pacing that makes for easy and fast reading featuring a bad boy with a heart of gold, I will definitely be making a return visit to read the next Boys of Beachville story. Erotic romance addicts should check out this series!

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