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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grease Paint by West Thornhill

Grease Paint by West Thornhill
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Length: Short Story (82 pages)
Genre: Contemporary
Other: M/M, anal sex
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

What happens when your dreams come true? Crypt Ross is about to find out after one spectacular weekend with Mack MacKenna. But will it be all that he hopes for?

Still in the closet, custom motorcycle mechanic Mack MacKenna takes his pleasure in long weekends away from home as a silent partner in a members-only style club. These weekends provide Mack with nameless, relationship-less debauchery. Although he's out to his best friend, he still worries about his family's reaction.

Crypt Ross is an out and proud up-and-coming young artist who has had a crush on Mack MacKenna since his senior year when Mack talked to his shop class. Since then Crypt has poured out all of his angst and unrequited love into his art, scoring himself a full-ride scholarship to art school.

What happens when Mack and Crypt come together? Will it be happily ever after or love lost?

Grease Paint by West Thornhill is the perfect novel for any reader, be it someone who has just acquired a taste for male-male romance (like me) or a long-time fan. The story between Crypt and Mack is sweet, intense and romantic from beginning to end. In barely 82 pages, Ms. Thornhill builds a romance that feels genuine.

Though we are told that Crypt is young and angsty, he is brave enough to take the first steps into building a relationship with Mack. He’s nervous around the hot shop owner but he’s also confident enough to put his heart on the line and that makes him a true hero.

On the other hand, Mack is very good looking and loves to take little getaways to escape from his family (by the way, I loved the original club where he parties), but I didn’t find a connection with him like I did with Crypt.

The sex was hot, but also sensual and romantic. The kisses between Mack and Crypt were especially thrilling, the author painting a good picture of the sensations and tastes coursing through both men.

Hannah and Tuck, the guy’s best friends deserve a special mention as their love and support was important for the happy ending. They were both really sweet and I enjoyed the level of intimacy they shared with their respective friends.

Grease Paint is a fun, quick, sexy read, thoroughly enjoyable for both the mm newbies and the experts at any time.

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