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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Marry Me by Karen Stivali

Marry Me by Karen Stivali
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Moderne
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (83 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating 5 stars
Reviewed by Stephanotis

When British drummer Ben Davis lost his childhood sweetheart, he was certain he’d never love again. He focuses on music as his band rises to stardom. A never-ending stream of groupies satisfies his needs until he meets intriguing clothing designer Julia Jones.

Julia’s career rocketed from seamstress to up-and-coming designer for the A-list, but her personal life didn’t fare as well. Her last boyfriend crossed from controlling to violent and she vowed never to be in that position again.

Sparks fly the instant Ben and Julia meet, but she resists his intoxicating charms, certain a celebrity romance will bring only trouble. But before long the heat between them becomes undeniable and she allows him into her bed and her heart.

The more in love Ben falls, the more he fears losing her. When Julia’s life is endangered, Ben’s reaction terrifies her, forcing them both to confront their biggest fears if they want a chance at a future together.

I always enjoy reading stories about two people who have been hurt and then find another person to mend both their heart and soul. Marry Me is that type of book and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Ms. Stavali created two characters who were perfect for one another. I loved the opening and how she delved into both their characters and some of their background in the first chapter. Who could not love Ben? He’s funny, handsome, and comes across as a perfect gentleman. Although you know why Julia is being guarded around Ben, you still want to give her a nudge and tell her this is the guy for you. And I felt myself cheering for both of them. The sex isn’t rushed which heightens the sexual tension in this story. The two slowly fall into bed and in love.

I especially liked the dialogue in this story. It was natural sounding and moved along this short story at the ideal pacing. By the time I got to the end of it I was surprised that it was only 83 pages. It seemed like it had been a full length novel. Not that it dragged at any part but the author did a wonderful job presenting a solid plot with these two well rounded characters.

If you’re still looking for a quick read while lounging on the deck or even taking with you on summer vacation, Marry Me is one I can recommend to you.

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