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Monday, August 6, 2012

Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods

Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (302 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

The road to passion is paved with guilty pleasures.

Faith Hillman is in a bit of a pickle. She’s been commissioned to write a series of magazine articles on spicing up your love life. She’s got the theme—the “Seven Sexy Sins”—but there’s one major problem. She hasn’t experienced any of them.

Ever since Faith’s older brother gave Rusty Thorne a black eye for kissing her on her eighteenth birthday, he’s kept his distance, waiting for the right time to make his move. This is it. She needs a research partner? He’s the man for the job.

When sex-on-legs Rusty offers his services, Faith is all over it—with one caveat. The notorious heartbreaker must sign a confidentiality contract. Just to keep him safe from her brother’s wrath, of course…and her heart off Rusty’s long list of conquests.

As they work their wicked way through the list, the implications of the contract hit Rusty as hard as the handcuffs binding his wrists to the bed. It isn’t just Faith’s touch that rocks his world. It’s the way his heart likes it that blows his defenses out of the water. And makes him wonder, when the contract ends, if he can bear to let her go.

Warning: Includes rebellious hero who enjoys inserting Tab A into Slots B, C, and even occasionally D. Also includes highly inappropriate use of a Mars Bar.

As a journalist and blogger, it is Faith’s responsibility to make sure she does her research on the topics she presents to her readers. As it turns out this latest article is going to require an extensive and personal exploration of the body and she is going to need someone of the male persuasion to help her. An open mind and a willing body is what Faith needs, but having no thought as to how to find such a man is a problem. Or not a problem where her friend Rusty is concerned. He volunteers for the sexy experiment and believes their friendship is strong enough to stand the test when the seven sins are completed. After recovering from the initial shock of his willingness, Faith remains a bit skeptical since she’s harbored a crush on him for the longest time yet agrees with the stipulations. However, as they set out to fulfill each sinful desire, emotions hard pressed to remain hidden come racing to the surface and begin fracturing their friendship while revealing the possibilities of something more. Rusty’s reluctance and Faith’s fear of a broken heart only magnify the intensity of emotions that explode with each encounter as they live for the seven moments they have together.

Fun, sinful, and of colorfully sexy, this story is a buffet of wicked deliciousness. Faith’s erotic journey is brilliantly and creatively well done with genuine characters and stimulating imagery. I appreciated the realism instilled in each scene from the racy to ridiculous parts of their intimate moments. The author effectively mixes humor and meaning into each scene with a gradual intensity I didn’t expect. The characters are likable and with a friendship already in progress, it was easy to fall into a connection with them. Each new sinful excursion was a feast for my reading senses and I often found myself smiling at the pair and their inability to stop wanting each other outside of the bedroom. Faith’s innocence and enthusiasm as well as Rusty’s confidence and inexperience in the art of emotional sex make them a couple to root for. It is a test of friendship and self-awareness that I thoroughly enjoyed with wonderful character growth, a generous pacing, and an outstanding storyline.

Readers concerned with some of the sexual elements in the story should fear not as they are not prevalent throughout and hold meaning to only certain parts of the story. This story is sure to inspire readers looking to experiment and broaden their sensual and kinky desires.

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