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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training Casanova by Aliyah Burke

Training Casanova by Aliyah Burke
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Interracial
Length: Full Length (274 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

A woman who is all about rules and a man who lives to break them, their scorching passion threatens all they hold dear. Can they find a way to have it all?

Lieutenant Commander Giovanni 'Casanova' Cassano is a top test pilot for the military, and is the epitome of an ace. Cocky, arrogant, handsome, and true to his call sign. His best friend's death brings a new pilot to his squadron—a woman. That's not even the real reason it's hard—she's the one who left an indelible imprint on his soul after a twenty—four hour rendezvous. Now she seems to have ice in her veins, not the fiery passion he knows rages beneath the surface.

Jaydee 'Dusti' Amos is following orders, and this time they have landed her at a test facility. She's there to ascertain what caused the deadly B—2 crash. The situation becomes harder once she discovers who is stationed there—the one man she never believed she'd see again after their impulsive and passionate encounter. He pulls her focus from the job at hand and tends to make her break the stringent rules she lives her life by.

They work together to unveil the truth and the feelings between them deepen. But there is a traitor in their midst. Will the fallout tear them apart, or will Gio find some way to convince Jaydee to give him a chance at forever?

Training Casanova, by one of my favorite romance writers Aliyah Burke, is one of those tales that will draw you in from the first paragraph, take you on a wild ride, and then set you down softly. This story had it all: strong male and female leads, intrigue, romance, hot sex and great supporting characters. From the moment this reader turned to the first page I was hooked and did not stop until the last page was turned. Training Casanova is the first book in Ms. Burkes’ In Aeternum Series.

Lieutenant Commander Giovanni ‘Casanova’ Cassano is one of the best test pilots for the military, he got his nickname of ‘Casanova’ by being one of those love 'em and leave 'em type of guys. Women just naturally gravitated to him and he took advantage of that fact.

The opening of the story was is so compelling. Giovanni is mourning the death of his best friend Michael ‘Sidewinder’ Walker who had died while engaging in a test mission. He decided after the funeral to go to a bar and drown his sorrows in a bottle of Jack when across the bar he was drawn to the laughter of one woman. Without thinking he walked over to her, looked in her eyes and without asking just said ‘dance with me’.

Jaydee takes one look at the gorgeous man, smiles and dances with him, she also ended up in a corner of the bar kissing him. The next night she finds him in the same bar and their relationship goes from "dance with me" to "go home with me" real quick. When she left the next morning Gio was left with just memories of the mystery woman because in their sexual fever they never exchanged names. So imagine his surprise when he finds out that the pilot replacing Michael was the woman from the bar, Naval Lieutenant Commander Jaydee ‘Dusti’ Amos.

Jaydee and Gio had such a connection that this reader knew that the obstacles they faced would somehow be overcome. The rules about non fraternization hindered them somewhat but did not stop the heat between them or the times that they did get together. The mystery surrounding Michael’s death also added another dimension because then the story wasn’t just about the sexual attraction between Jaydee and Gio. Add in the fact that Gio had his Casanova reputation to live down before Jaydee could completely trust him, especially since women he had slept with keep coming on to him.

The characters were very well developed I knew what their fears were and what demons rode them. This reader was able to sympathize with Jaydee because of the way the author described the challenges she had to face growing up. I loved that these characters were strong, in most stories the men are always strong or alpha and the women are less so. However, in this story Jaydee was strong and stood her ground no matter what. When Gio made noise about having to watch a female pilot, Jaydee just told him ‘don’t try to measure your dick to mine Commander, you’re sure to come up short’ which had me smiling.

Training Casanova was an excellent read which I would recommend it whole heartily to anyone who wants to sit back and lose themselves in a good novel.

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