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Monday, August 27, 2012

Unconditional Surrender by Desiree Holt

Unconditional Surrender by Desiree Holt
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (84 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

When an alpha Delta Force leader and a prosecuting attorney meet at a bondage club, which one will be the top and which one the bottom?

Slade Donovan has been a Delta Force team leader for years and the missions are beginning to wear on him. He’s been a Dom for longer than that, but now he’s tired of the string of faceless women and wants to find the right sub and form a permanent relationship. Someone who understands his life and can deal with it.

Kari Malone excels in her role as a prosecuting attorney but the iron control she needs to do it gets tiring. And her search for the right man is fraught with disappointments. When a friend introduces her to the D/s scene, she finally finds an arena where she is able to both shed her mantle of control and indulge in her sexual fantasies. She meets Slade, also a guest, and their brief connection is instant and intense.

Five years pass before they meet again. By now, as Butterfly Kari has created an alternative life for herself at The Edge, a very private bondage club. Her search for the right man falters when she realises none of them can compete with the memory of the man she met in Chicago. When Slade turns up at The Edge it’s apparent from "Hello" that the heat between them has been simmering all this time and is about to explode. But can each of them provide what the other needs to make this work?

Want to see two strong, dominant characters collide in the bedroom? If so, this might just be a book for you.

Slade Donavan is the leader of a Delta Force team. But he’s so much more than just an alpha male on the battlefield, he also likes to dominate in the bedroom, a role he prides himself in. But what happens when he wants more than just a woman to play with, what happens when he needs someone to share his life with? Kari, an assistant district attorney, works hard and plays hard too. But since a meeting with a Dom, when she was a young, na├»ve sub, five years ago, she’s been searching for that very Dom but without success.

The author introduces us to Slade first in this book; he’s in Afghanistan doing his thing with his team. I got the feeling I was being introduced to them as I got a description of each and they planned their ‘downtime’ trip to Slade’s ranch . This included hopes of taking a visit to The Edge, Slade’s local BDSM club. This was all a nice way to build reader anticipation – you just know its going to get good and raunchy when a group of hot guys are intending ‘that’ sort of evening.

Coincidences sometimes don’t work well in novels, but this one, I am happy to say hit all the right buttons. The Dom Kari has been dreaming of is Slade, and they bump into each other at The Edge. Slade is thrilled that when he introduced Kari to BDSM she obviously enjoyed it enough to learn more, play more. Kari is overjoyed that the man no one else can live up to has her naked, manacled and crying for more strikes within minutes. This is one hot scene – grab yourself an electric fan.

But the book goes deeper than that because both Slade and Kari are looking for more than just fun in the bedroom. They sense a connection and a similar sense of life goals. Ms Holt portrays their romance beautifully with dates, sweet kisses and getting to know one another. All a stark contrast to the wild sessions of kink at The Edge. There is also a good dose of war-zone action if you like the grittiness of fighting soldiers.

Unconditional Surrender is well written, has compelling characters and is very sexy. It’s a good length to lose yourself in and I for one would be happy to see what stories the other members of this Delta Force team have to tell.

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