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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Under My Skin by Georgia Fox

Under My Skin by Georgia Fox
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (45 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Anal Sex, Toys, Public Exhibition
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Lotus

Kelly Minton hides away in a Manhattan apartment building, amusing herself by striking fear in the hearts of the other residents and especially the lazy superintendent. When she's not slicing into someone with her merciless tongue, she's writing erotic stories on her faithful computer and listening to Frank Sinatra at all hours, much to the irritation of her neighbors. Since her father owns the building, no one dares stand up to her notoriously frosty temper.

But all that is about to change for Kelly when the mailman delivers to the wrong box and she finds that the sexy new resident in the apartment below is not about to let her reputation as "The Shrew in 4C" stop him from getting to the root of her issues, as well as into her panties. And under her skin.

Someone was instant messaging Kelly through Facebook, but it wasn’t anyone on her friends list. He could see and hear everything that was going on in her apartment, but she didn’t care or should she?

It’s been over a year since Kelly’s fiancĂ©, Will, was gone and she is still having trouble letting go of him. She doesn’t care about much, including cleaning her apartment or stocking her refrigerator. However, having the air conditioning and water going out on a very hot day was just the last straw. She was fuming and decided to take it out on someone, perhaps the negligent superintendent or the annoying downstairs neighbor?

Kelly Minton is a writer of erotic stories, living in an apartment building owned by her father. She says what’s on her mind, usually in an abrasive manner, and occasionally including some profanities. She doesn’t have any patience for the usual societal niceties or for anything/anyone who didn’t serve her purposes. Paul Rucchio lives in the apartment right below Kelly’s and inadvertently opened some interesting mail addressed to Kelly because the mail carrier delivered her mail to his box in error. Paul is a lawyer and a nice guy; too nice to refuse requests for favors from anyone, even taciturn Kelly.

The plot was clever and worked well because the author skillfully put it together. Kelly didn’t know what hit her, but knew that her life was changing even though she was dragging her feet. Paul was thrust into the middle of Kelly’s life unwillingly, but was drawn in by her need for help. Both of them became stronger for each other and because of each other. At first I really didn’t like Kelly, but as she learned about herself and changed, I understood her more and liked her more.

Although Under My Skin was a short story, Ms. Fox had a lot packed into it, weaving in elements of surprise that worked so well that I was a very satisfied reader. I’m still thinking about Kelly, Will, and Paul several days later and re-reading my favorite parts of the story. I highly recommend this steamy short story with a great plot for anyone in need of a quick hot read.

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