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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Her Eternal Warrior by Marisa Chenery

Her Eternal Warrior by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Twilight
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (89 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Verbena

Protecting mortals from the evil preying upon them is Tor’s number-one job. His dying pledge to serve the Egyptian god Anubis gave him immortality and a life of solitude as a jackal shifter—for thousands of years. But all that changes when he saves a young woman from being attacked. The moment he sees her face, his blood stirs—as does his cock. For the first time ever, Tor’s reluctant to wipe himself from a victim’s mind. She becomes the center of his existence, and nothing but total possession will do.

Kenna can’t believe her luck when the sexy-as-hell stranger approaches the hotel reception desk and asks her out. There’s something familiar about him, but she just can’t place it. She falls hard and fast, and scorching sex is the icing on the cake. Tor’s guarded secret could change everything, however. Sure, she was open to settling down, but life with Tor would put a whole new meaning on the word “forever”.

I walk alone…

Such has been Tor’s motto ever since he became a warrior of Anubis thousands of years ago. He didn’t mind the solitary life as a jackal shifter, for he knew his purpose far outweighed the cost. In fact, he preferred working alone. It kept him from having to constantly save someone else’s tail when he had his hands full watching out for his own. Protecting humanity from the many faces of evil was a busy job. An occasional fling now and then served his physicial needs. Plus, he was a damned good cook. What more could he want?

Save the human, wipe her memory, and move on to the next evildoer. Those were the rules. He always followed the rules. No second thoughts. So what was it about Kenna that made him want to disobey Anubis this time? One kiss, one touch, and then he’d move on. Or so he thought. The woman quickly managed to get under his skin. Like the mark of Anubis upon his chest, she became a part of him, and he quickly realized there would be no letting go.

Kenna had a thing for big, tall, and handsome. When Tor walked through the front door of the hotel lobby, larger than life, a dark-skinned, muscle-bound, mountain of a man, she felt her heart—as well as a few other more private places of her body—flutter in response. She had no idea where this Egyptian god had come from, but she sure as hell wasn’t letting him get away without at least a sample of what his good looks and rock-hard body promised to give. While she never expected more than a few dates and maybe a tumble in the sheets, she quickly found herself falling head-over-heels. Despite some questionable mystery surrounding his profession and background, Kenna threw caution to the wind—an action quite unlike her.

While not my favorite story by Ms. Chenery, I still found myself drawn into her captivating tale of Tor, the mighty warrior of Anubis. Ms. Chenery has capitalized on a wonderfully creative idea and has brought forth another entertaining work of art. I fell in love with her warrior tales in other stories, so I quickly jumped on the chance to see what she’d come up with this time. With her colorful characters, engaging plotline, and steamy sex, she’s produced another fine story that’s certainly worth taking a look at.

In reading other books by Ms. Chenery and knowing her ability to create heroes and heroines that stick with you, I have to confess a few complaints. It seemed as though she kept repeating major plot points from different points of view. For example, Tor might introduce a facet of his existence, then Anubis might reiterate it during a conversation, then Kenna might bring it up again in her thoughts or even say it aloud to herself. Rather than being major bits of information meant to keep you enthralled, the points begin to feel like fillers to the story.

Secondly, the dialog felt wordy and unnatural at times. Natural flowing dialog is a difficult skill to master. Whether you have a good plotline or not, dialog can make or break a book. Despite my enjoyment of the story itself, I found myself stumbling over some of the characters’ verbal interaction, thinking to myself, “would they really say that?”.

That being said, I would not go so far as to suggest the story is not worth reading. It is. If you’ve read other Marisa Chenery stories and loved her writing style, then you’ll likely enjoy Her Eternal Warrior as well. I will certainly keep Ms. Chenery on my list of favorite authors and I plan to snatch up any future stories of hers that I can get my hands on.

If you love the bad-ass guy who can kill demons, seduce women in distress, and cook dinner all in one day, then be sure to grab a copy of Her Eternal Warrior by Marisa Chenery. It just might leave you pining for a warrior of Anubis for your own.

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