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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lover Unexpected by Brindle Chase

Lover Unexpected by Brindle Chase
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave (Moderne)
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (90 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

Lisa Faulkner’s love life has become a casualty. Working hard climbing the corporate ladder, she longs to find a successful guy and a happily ever after. But all work and no play makes Lisa a very dull girl. Her best friend Nikki has a solution—a blind date to a charity masquerade ball. May as well…

With no idea who her mystery man might be, Lisa can only wait for her date to find her. When her masked partner appears, he literally sweeps her off her feet and onto the dance floor. Though she can’t place him, there’s something familiar about the dashing man…

Lisa’s a sensible girl, but within moments her sexy partner leads her away and crashes through her inhibitions. His commanding, sexy charm destroys her good-girl ideals and she succumbs to his hunger. The sex is explosive, and Lisa believes she may have found what she’s looking for.

If only her new lover was the man she was supposed to meet that night…

Hot and fun to read, Lover Unexpected was a fast read which I couldn’t put down once I started it.

The main character, Lisa, is a workaholic that dreams of the house and white picket fence but doesn’t have time to pursue any of it. She’s not adventurous and she rationalizes things way too much. Overall, she’s incredibly human and real and I loved that about her. However, and though it is a short story, the fact that the author portrayed Lisa so realistically made it unbelievable when realizing the mistake she made about her mystery hero. She changes her mind and way of acting in a very short space of time.

The hero, (who’s name I won’t mention for the sake of keeping the mystery) was hot and sweet. Although I thought he was a bit creepy sometimes, especially when he said things like: “I know you better than you can imagine.” Nonetheless, those instances are few and compared to the other man contending for Lisa’s love (who is a jerk and I instantly disliked), he is the better man.

The story was well described. The sexual tension between the characters was fantastic and page-turning and the sex was both hot and fun. Particularly, the blowjob near the end of the novel was exciting and entertaining. It was clear that the characters were enjoying their little tryst and that contributed to creating a better, more down to earth impression.

Lover Unexpected is a quick, fun, sexy read, recommendable as an escape route from any moment of the day.

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Jean Joachim said...

Great review! Love Brindle Chase's writing. Put this on my TBR list.