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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Night with a Dom by Casea Major

Night with a Dom by Casea Major
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (34 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

Melody Manning’s workaholic ambition, coupled with a slave-driving former boss, has made her the youngest market analyst in her firm. It’s also killed her personal life, including losing her fiancĂ©. When she receives a message from him on New Year’s Eve announcing his engagement to another woman, Mel loses it. Her new, more compassionate boss has the perfect solution for her—get laid. Good and laid.

At his suggestion, she signs up with the 1Night Stand service, listing her deepest sexual desires on the application. A speedy response from Madame Eve has Melody on her way to Sonoma Valley wine country and a one-night stand with a mysterious Dom.

The sexy, masked Master promises to get to the bottom of her guilt and provide ultimate satisfaction under the safety of his stern hand. After an emotional night of submission and uninhibited passion, will her lover’s unmasking lead to the end of their encounter or give Mel another chance at love?

It’s New Year’s Eve, you’re heartbroken and alone, there’s only one thing for it—call 1Night Stand!

This is exactly what happened to Melody Manning. She found herself at work on New Year’s Eve, with nothing more exciting than an empty flat to look forward to and the memories of her ex-boyfriend – ex because her previous boss kept her nose to the grindstone working all the hours under the sun. So when her new boss suggest she ‘get laid’ Melody makes the rather rash decision to get set up with a Dominant for the night in a plush hotel.

I enjoyed Night with a Dom for several reasons. The characters were likeable, the sex scenes hotter than hot and it had several nice little twists, a few of which I pre-empted, others I did not. I did find Melody a bit of a whiner in the first chapter, some of the introspection a little too self-pitying, but I guess that needed to be the case for her to take the drastic step of paying to get laid. But by the end of the story I was rooting for her with a ‘you go girl’ flag waving in my hand. She proved herself stronger than I thought she was going to be, both emotionally and sexually and that gathered the story up for me again and left me with a ‘ah, that was good’ feeling.

If you enjoy a seriously sexy read with a bit of light BDSM Night with a Dom is a good short story that is nicely written and could give inspiration to anyone who’s had a New Year’s Eve alone.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Clover. So glad you enjoyed the story. I appreciate the review so much.

Melissa Kendall said...

I need to add this to me 1NS TBR pile can't wait

Melissa Limoges said...

What an awesome review!

Jenna said...

Great review! I've read Night With A Dom and can only concur--this is one HOT read! Don't miss it!
Congratulations, Casea!