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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trail of Lust by Em Petrova

Trail of Lust by Em Petrova
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (167 pages)
Other: M/F, anal sex
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Carnation

When Kathleen Allen sets eyes on the man she’s known since her youth, Graham Hollis, she learns what being a woman is all about. She can’t tear her gaze off the rugged and brooding cowboy. After she throws herself at him, he refuses to take her unless they’re married. A secret wedding wasn’t exactly what she’d expected, though every heated touch gives her exactly what she wanted--and more.

An ex-Cavalry officer in the war for the South, Graham still fights his demons daily. When Kathleen enters his life, he finds himself resurrecting memories of the wife he’s lost, as well as needs he’d thought long dead. However, an ex-spy is fresh out of prison and Graham is certain he’ll try to reap revenge by harming the woman he’s grown to love.

Together, Graham and Kathleen must face perils, posses, and passions as they fight to hold onto the one thing they need to truly live--each other.

Civil War Veteran, Graham Hollis has a past that threatens all those he cares about. He will stop at nothing to protect his new love, Kathleen, even when danger comes at her from unexpected sources.

Graham and Kathleen are the kind of lovers who are destined to be together. Every moment they spend with each other is more heated and intense with love and desire. Kathleen is a strong, yet sweet young woman who follows her heart and trusts the consequences to fate. It was impossible for me not to adore this fresh, loving character. Kathleen meets every challenge with courage and heart.

Though it has been many years since the two have set eyes on each other, the power of their attraction gives the illusion that they have been together for all time. In fact, Kathleen was still a young girl when Graham last saw her. The consuming emotion and lust they have for each other is immediate and undeniable. There is no doubt in either mind that there can be no other love in their lives.

This story has everything any captivating adventure romance could offer… an emotionally powerful love affair that truly leaves a singeing ‘trail of lust’; strong, unforgettable characters who are easy to relate to; and such adventure that you’ll find yourself holding your breath. Graham is the powerful, sexy man of any woman’s dreams and he doesn’t disappoint.

I have nothing but good to say about this well rounded and expertly written tale. I recommend it to all romance lovers and eagerly await the third installment in talented Em Petrova’s, Hollis Boys series. This one is not to miss!

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