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Friday, September 21, 2012

Unbridled and Unclaimed by Elle Saint James

Unbridled and Unclaimed by Elle Saint James
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (180 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Anal play, Menage
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Plumeria

Valentina Petrova leaves Russia after much personal tragedy to begin a new life after an old college friend in Colorado offers to help her. Already an American citizen, Valentina just needs help navigating the landscape and a financial boost to get started.

Wyatt Smith, an FBI agent, and Dillon Jones, an ER doctor, are tasked with telling Valentina that the man she counted on to help her is now dead. They offer her sanctuary and help her acclimate to American life. They also give her a peek into their unbridled lifestyle.

When she tries to collect the unclaimed money from her college bank account, she finds out it's been flagged and the FBI detains her. Will Wyatt be able to save her? And when her past catches up in the form of a Russian ex-fiancé that her father wanted her to marry, will Wyatt and Dillon lose her forever?

What could be better then having not one but two sexy saviors when you are at your lowest?

In my estimation, not much. Valentina has had a rough decade, and just wants to start over. Her mother dies when she is young, her dad has some very bad connections then tries to control her life using said connections. To top it off, she has more personal tragedy over the course of the years leaving her utterly alone in the world. Well, except for that college friend in Colorado who reaches out and offers her a home, security and above all friendship. Having no better options, Valentina is bound for America.

Of course, once she gets to her destination everything falls apart. Dillion and his best friend Wyatt meet the women that they have to deliver bad news too. Once they tell her that the man who was set to be her saving grace is dead, she faints. Good thing Dr. Dillion is there to save the day. After things settle, Dillion and Wyatt fight off their instant attraction to the Russian bombshell. But it’s not just her beauty that pulls them in. She’s spunky, mouthy and prideful, all characteristics that scream ‘difficult’.

And so the journey begins with men offering Valentina a place to stay until she can get on her feet, help finding work, and even access to an old bank account she had during her college years in America. Pride and past experiences force Valentina to be wary of their offer, but between her attraction for the gorgeous men and sheer desperation has her accepting their help. Deciding to follow her aunt’s mantra and ‘live for today, because tomorrow might bring trouble” Valentine decides to give into her own feelings toward the men and takes seduction into her own hands.

The things I liked about this book was how strong of a character Valentina was and that stayed true throughout the entire book. Its easy for a person to lose their morals in a world gone bad, but she held tight to her beliefs and her pride. But what I loved most was that despite her troubles, she was still a woman and went after what she wanted. And really, let’s be honest: a hunky doctor and a studly law man? Who wouldn’t want that?

My biggest problem with this book was that the men didn’t have their own voices for me. Obviously they were separate characters but their thought process and actions felt as if they were the same. And for me that pulled me out of the story. The men didn’t feel as fleshed out as characters to keep pace with Valentina. However, Clay who was a secondary character felt like he would have been a nice fit for her. No pun intended, really.

I had not read the previous five books in this series, yet didn’t feel left out of anything. There were a few mentions of previous couples but nothing that was confusing. After reading this book however, I will be adding the rest of the Double Rider Men’s Club series to my TBR pile. It was fun and sexy read overall, especially the ending and a place called “The Stadium”.

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