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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Because You Love Me by Mari Carr

Because You Love Me by Mari Carr
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (191 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Safety in numbers? Depends on what you mean by safe…

Bridget Wilder’s life is shot to hell—literally—when she witnesses the murder of her best friend, Lyle. Protective custody? What a joke. Time after time, someone has leaked her whereabouts, forcing her to run from one safe house to the next.

Tired of cold, lonely beds and living in fear, Bridget convinces her guardian cop she’s safer off the grid, following Lyle’s trail of clues to a missing flash drive that could put the killer behind bars.

It doesn’t take twins Mark and Matt James long to figure out two things. Bridget’s not only in trouble, she is trouble—they both want her. When things get a little hot and heavy one night, though, they’re stunned to discover that they don’t mind sharing. And she loves being shared.

Between the James brothers’ hot, hard bodies, Bridget finally feels safe—and loved. When a hit man tracks her down, the last thing she wants is for them to place those bodies between her and danger. But those cowboys have other ideas. Like keeping her alive long enough to convince her she belongs with them. Forever.

Bridget Wilder’s long time friend had been about to hand over damning evidence against a Judge on the take. Witnessing the Judge instigating her friend's murder, Bridget isn’t safe in protective custody. Decoding clues left behind in a cryptic letter, Bridget goes to Wyoming in search of proof to get justice, until her path crosses with hunky twin cowboys – Mark and Matt James. As she comes to know both men with their similarities and striking differences Bridget realizes she’s falling for them both equally. Both Mark and Matt also fall under her spell, but are reluctant to let their mutual attraction for Bridget drive a wedge between them. And so the obvious answer is to start a threesome. Although none of them have ever shared partners, the twins and Bridget explore this sensual new relationship blossoming between them.

Lighthearted and fun for the most part, this is a sexy, smooth read. The author has managed to blend the carefree beginnings of a lusty relationship between the three main characters with the overhanging tension of a hit man on Bridget’s tail. Also there is a three week countdown until the case against the dirty Judge is brought to court, which keeps the pace moving at a good clip. These tensions don’t overshadow the growing sexual chemistry between Bridget and the twins, however, and at times the reader can get caught up in that first flush of romance and forget the rest of the plot.

With strong secondary characters and a good mix of spice, action and romance this is a fun, happy read – perfect for the weekend or a bit of a wind down at the end of a hard week. The sex is lusty and well written and the hero’s are caring, protective and yummy. There is a definite set up for another book between one brother of the twins that is interesting enough to keep an eye out for.

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