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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dangerous Kisses by Tonya Ramagos

Dangerous Kisses by Tonya Ramagos
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: SHort Story (144 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Anal Play, Toys, Voyeurism, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Review by: Thistledown

Homicide Detective Megan Pontius hungers for a dark side of sex she’s never experienced, and she knows the man to give it to her, if only he didn’t scare her to her toes. She’s kept her distance from aquarist Drake Allen, knowing one kiss could be dangerous to her body and heart. But when a mutual friend is killed and Drake is the primary suspect, she finds herself wondering if she’s submitting to the domination of a murderer.

Drake wants Megan under his control, and he wants her forever. He’s bided his time, waiting for her to be willing to set her inner lustful demon free. That time has come, and he’s ready to deliver her pleasures more exotic than any she’s ever known. But when he finds himself accused of murder, he discovers he needs Megan more than just in his bed. She’s his only hope of proving his innocence, but does she believe him?

What would you do if your friend and part time employer turned up dead and the gorgeous guy you have been ogling just might have killed him. Hmmm. Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Dangerous Kisses is a foray into the world of an aquarium about to go under. In the wake of a murder, our lead character Megan has to see beyond the yummy trappings of a hot diver in a wetsuit and do her job as a detective to get to the bottom of the mystery. Who would benefit most if the aquarium goes belly up?

I loved the way author Tonya Ramagos jumps right into the story and brings you into the scene. The aquarium is the life and love of Paul, the owner. He has an argument with a family member and the pressure of the business about to go under. Funny how he suddenly ends up dead. The clues begin to add up and so does the sexual tension between detective Megan Pontius and Drake Allen, aquarist. Megan is hungry for a trip to the dark side and Drake is ready to give in to temptation. The only problem is him being the leading suspect in Paul’s murder.

The no holds barred sex scenes in this book are delicious. Anal play that will have you curling your toes and domination scenes that had me longing for a glass of ice water were a great way to spend an evening. This book is a hot read with snappy character interaction, a plot that moves, dialogue that is real and action that fits what is happening in the story. I will be looking for other books by this author.

If you like a bit of dark and brooding BDSM with a murder mystery, check out Dangerous Kisses. You won’t be disappointed.

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