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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane by Taige Crenshaw

Hurricane by Taige Crenshaw
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Interracial
Length: Short Story (148 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Revieweded by Fuchsia

When life gives you a second chance how do you decide what to do?

Julianne Locke knows the pain of loss and what it can do to a soul. She has refused to let any man close...until an accident puts a man in her path who will change her life forever. Keenan is the one man she cannot seem to keep at a distance. Whether it’s fate or coincidence that brings them together, Julianne cannot walk away from this man who pushes all her buttons and makes her want to believe in hope once again.

Keenan Callaghan’s first look at Julianne makes him forget that he’s supposed to be all about business. The instant attraction and connection he feels for her leaves him unsettled. He quickly comes to the realisation that he wants to know more about the woman who not only tempts him, but makes him forget all else but her. Julianne might be trying to keep him at arm’s length, but he’s a patient man. He knows the best way to weather a hurricane is to hold on and ride out the storm together...forever.

Julianne Locke is part owner of Moments event planning, and she and her partners are expanding their business by building another facility, Moments Deuce. While walking through the new facility, Julianne is almost trapped by a fire that erupts. Fire investigator Keenan Callaghan is called in to investigate and is immediately attracted to Julianne. Julianne is also attracted to him but will not allow herself to give in because she is still carrying the hurt of losing her husband eight years ago. Julianne and her husband Charles were involved in a car accident that killed him and almost took the life of her unborn baby. Her daughter Marissa was born at twenty-two weeks and was not expected to live. Now for Julianne, it's she and her daughter together weathering any storm that may come their way.

Keenan Callaghan is an ex cop who after helping a fire investigator solve an arson, decided that he wanted to become an investigator. When he met Julianne in the hospital after the fire, he was immediately drawn to her and promised himself that once the investigation was done he would pursue her. He asked her to go out with him but she refused, however she finally asked him to go out with her after running into him and his niece while rollerblading with Marissa.

Hurricane is a story of love lost and new beginnings, Julianne and Keenan knew that they wanted to be together but she had issues. The story moved a little slow at first which had this reader a little bored, but then once they started to delve into why she couldn't allow herself to love again, it piqued my interest again. Hurricane is a good story and Taige Crenshaw is a great storyteller, I've read many books by this author and can say she is one of my favorites. The supporting characters were entertaining and helped to round everything out. I wouldn't say that Hurricane is a 'must read' but it is a pleasant read and one you may enjoy.

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