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Monday, October 1, 2012

Obsessed With Fur by Corinne Davies

Obsessed With Fur by Corinne Davies
3xtasy Lake 4
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (169 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Voyeurism
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

Jessica Tam needs security in her life, but her choices have left her feeling anything but. She meets Jelani and Marcario Bennett the night she decides to change it all. They are the ones to support her and make her feel safe, but she knows they are planning on going back to the Congo with Doctors without Borders.

Marcario and Jelani have come to Ecstasy Lake with an ulterior motive, besides spending time with their sister. Marcario has been dreaming of Jessica's skin wrapped in his ropes and Jelani wants to capture the images on film. Jessica has changed in the past months, and they have to first convince her that she is perfect just as she is. Discovering they aren't the only ones obsessed with her adds another challenge. Can they keep her safe and happy without becoming overprotective and scaring her off?

Jessica doesn’t just want to feel safe and protected; her animal needs to feel it. This book took my preconceived notions of “typical” shifter story and threw them right out the window.

I’ve never been in the situation Jessica finds herself at the beginning of this story but as I read her story and came to know her, I understood how she got to that point. I want the heroes and heroines to grow and mature within the story but I especially wanted Jessica to reach her potential. Ms. Davies did not disappoint. Jessica may begin this journey scared and timid but within time and the pages of this book she develops into a beautifully confident woman. Something else that set this book apart is the part the men play. They’re human. They don’t have supernatural abilities. They aren’t able to scent that Jessica is their mate but they’re drawn to her and they offer her things that lacked in all other relationships: trust, love, and acceptance. Sure these guys are good looking, but to me, that’s down right sexy.

Ms. Davies gives us a glimpse into Jessica’s potential strength/courage (not physical, but psychological) early on when she takes herself out of a situation that is truly unhealthy. She has plenty of incentive but it was clearly a hard move to make, considering her shifter animal.

Back to the two men who step in just when Jess needs a friend: Marcario and Jelani are the brothers of Mai from Book 1 in this series. They are honorable and courageous men who participate in the Canadian version of Doctors Without Borders. I have bucket loads of respect for the men and women who work this mission field so I had no trouble cheering for these guys from first meeting. I thought it was interesting that Ms. Davies only allowed Jess to spend mere hours with Marcario and Jelani before splitting them up for several months. I was curious to see how she would keep the interest between them alive after so brief an introduction. And, how would she bring them back together? And how would they feel about her being a shifter? These questions and more kept me reading. I needed to know! Something else that was new to me was the use of rope play in this book. I'm familiar and comfortable with BDSM play in books and had heard of the art of Shibari rope play but I had never read a story where it was a central theme. Ms. Davies obviously did her homework and utilizes the technique to enhance the "quality" time between Jess and the men. I'm not sure I would enjoy it but the way she describes the technique and effect the knots and bindings have on Jess was very satisfying.

Ms. Davies doesn’t come right out and tell what type of shifter Jess is until a little over half way through the book. There are some clever clues that had me guessing but once it was confirmed I had to smile. It makes sense and what a neat twist on the concept. Her personality, character actions, needs, it just fits.

Obsessed by Fur reads just fine as a standalone if you happen to read the books out of order. If you’ve read books 1 – 3 though you’ll be happy to see the familiar faces and get some updates. Also, we’re treated to a little preview of who gets their own stories for books 5 and 6. Fans of fellow Siren author, Heather Rainier may even pick up on some familiar names.

Ms. Davies has a pretty broad genre writing range within her backlist, with shifters being about half of her published works. It’s obvious in her writing that she enjoys the subject. This was my first trip to Extasy Lake but it certainly won’t be the last.

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