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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Red Riding Hood by Deanna Wadsworth

Red Riding Hood by Deanna Wadsworth
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
LengthL Short Story (57 Pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 3.5 stars
Review by: Thistledown

You never know what might happen on the way to Grandmother's house!

Red was a simple girl until Grandmother gave her a red riding cloak. She felt especially pretty in her new cloak, but the temptation to feel all that luxurious velvet pressed to her naked flesh was just too great. Now, something has awakened inside Red. A persistent ache that she doesn't know quite how to relieve. Red decides to use her Tuesday walks to dear old Grandmother's as an opportunity to sample all of the delights the local men have to offer, in a journey to find the one man that can satisfy her.

But Red is not aware that two magical creatures have taken a special interest in her naughty escapades or that true pleasure just might be found at the hand of a master in wolf's clothing!

Do you like fairy tales with a bit of spice? Then Red Riding Hood should be right up your alley.
Red Riding Hood is a pretty straightforward story featuring a young woman, a red cape and a wolf. It has been a favorite for me since my childhood. This story adds a few elements to the mix, while still maintaining a fairy tale quality. Since the story is so familiar, it could have been boring, but as we discover, Red is a very naughty girl and that red cape of hers is the star in many woodland adventures.

The voice of a story will either drag you in, or keep you at arm’s length. This one kind of did both, if that makes any sense. I was intrigued by the fairy tale tone of the book but the distance between Red and the reader was a bit disconcerting. Reading on, I saw that the author needed the distance to encompass the overall tone of the book, but it left me longing for more connection with the character. Red is described as a selfish and lustful woman who needs to be punished. That was accurate, but when she is portrayed as too stupid to decide for herself whether to sleep with a certain character or have choices of her own about whether to follow her new Master, I had to fight a feeling of annoyance. There was also a fight scene at the end of the book that was introduced with the dreaded “dear reader” entreaty. If you have a fight scene, show me-don’t tell me it happened and slip it under the rug.

Overall, I found the dialogue right for the style of writing. Being that it was in a historical fairy tale setting, the characters will talk in a certain way. The BDSM sex scenes were hot and earned a glass of ice water or two as I was reading. Give me hot woodland encounters any day--good job there. The conflict with the Hunter and the Wolf was very interesting as was the nature of the Grandmother. It was a well-rounded, fast paced story, but I wanted that fight scene and a bit more involvement with Red. I liked the BDSM elements combined with the fairy tale twist. That was what kept me reading. A good spanking always makes my day, especially if you have a very naughty young lady who needs a firm hand.

If you like naughty fairy tales and want a very different look at what is hiding under Red Riding Hood’s cloak, you should check out this story and hold on for the ride.

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