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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Senator Mine by Kerry Adrienne

Senator Mine by Kerry Adrienne
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (40 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Aster

Eleanor’s romantic tour of Italy shatters when her long-time boyfriend dumps her in Pompeii. Hoping an evening with a handsome Roman might save her trip, she contacts Madame Eve at 1Night Stand, then goes out to explore, buying a small golden signet in a mysterious antiquities shop near the Forum.

Darius, a hard-working Senator in Ancient Rome, is puzzled by the Sibyl’s words: You will not find love in your lifetime. Following her directions, he spots Eleanor, a barbarian wearing his stolen senator’s ring.

A night spent together may be just what they both need to break down the columns of time that stand between them.

Many women struggle to find the perfect man, and many are convinced they'll never find him in their lifetime. But what would happen if you had the opportunity to find Mr. Right in a different time?

Eleanor is trying to enjoy her dream vacation, and with the exception of the boyfriend who abandoned her, she is. Ancient Rome is one of her favorite periods of history, so she struggles to enjoy the sites of the ruins of Rome while coming to terms with a relationship she saw as more than it obviously was.

Darius is a Senator in ancient Rome, struggling with the reality of his time. More than anything, he desires a wife, but he refuses to settle for the subservient women of his time. He wants a partner - an equal. Despite his powerful position of senator, he is unhappy with his life and wants more. The problem is; he doesn't know what that more is.

The limits of time and place fade away as Madame Eve manages to set up Eleanor with Darius, and with each other, they find the happiness they both lack.

This story is a true fantasy, and works best if you try not to over think it as you read. The author does a nice job of setting a picture - from the unhappiness of each character to the environment each lives in, it was easy to create a mental image of what was happening on the page.

The connection between Darius and Eleanor was vivid, and I could feel the chemistry they made together. One thing just didn't fit, however. The condoms. I know safe sex is an issue to most people, as it rightfully should be, but seeing as how Eleanor travelled back in time to ancient Rome, the concept of condoms seemed very out of place, especially since it was Darius who wore them, and he hardly questioned what this thing was that Eleanor asked him to wear - even going so far as to remind her later in the evening about them. It was a detail that unfortunately took me out of the story because it seemed to strange.

Happily ever after was alluded to, and I really would like to find out how that was accomplished, considering how different the two people were, yet how well they fit with each other. I would love to have this one continue because it feels as if we got the beginnings of a story, but it ended far too quickly.

The pros outweighed the cons in this one. If you like romance and fantasy, and don't like to overthink things, Senator Mine may be a good fit for you.

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