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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Star Crossed by Kele Moon

Star Crossed by Kele Moon
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (373 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

Heavyweight UFC fighter, Romeo Wellings comes from the hard streets of New York where his family ties to the mafia cause him nothing but pain. His life takes a surprising detour when he crosses paths with the twin sister of his long-time enemy. After a steamy, one-night stand, he faces the fight of his life, but it’s not in the cage. The secret relationship that blooms between Romeo and his real life Juliet has him battling his family and a dark past rather than let her go.

The only lawyer in her hometown of Garnet, Jules Conner is also a volunteer Sheriff’s deputy and co-owner of a successful MMA training center. Strong and dependable, Jules is always there for those who need her. Until one forbidden night in Las Vegas with Romeo leaves her feeling so alive she can’t stop reaching out to the sexy bad boy of the UFC, even knowing the forbidden love affair could jeopardize everything.

As the tide rises against them and the people they love work at keeping them apart, Romeo and Jules hold onto a dream for a better life together and vow to go down fighting rather than accept a tragic ending.

He got caught by the long arm of the law once before, but this time the attractive blond attached to it is much too tempting to resist.

Romeo Wellings is all too familiar with what it means to be a fighter. From fighting to keep food on the table for his younger brothers to fighting to keep custody of them, Romeo has endured much, which has prepared him for fighting at a professional level. However, no matter how much money he makes or the titles he attains, his small family is still under the threat of the mob. Ties cast in blood leave Romeo with little choice but to deal, that is until a tall blond with a tight bod and a southern accent decides she wants to buy him dinner. Romeo is ready for the break she offers from his drama filled life, but when it's time to part ways, Romeo struggles and begins a different kind of fight – this time for love.

Life in a small town couldn't get any busier for Juliet Connor. As if working as a lawyer and deputy to the Sheriff weren't enough, Jules also teaches self-defense courses for women. However, life is pretty lonely in the Connor household with only her brother to keep her company. Jules easily intimidates men with her success and stature, so when Romeo shows her his desire for the independent woman that she is, Jules is not only turned-on but surprised. Unfortunately, their attraction must remain a secret even as emotions get deeper with each Skype encounter. Aside from the complications and drama with both their families, Romeo still has secrets he’s keeping from Jules and Jules can’t fully trust him outside of their undeniable chemistry. Now with their hearts on the line, sacrifices must be made that will either bring them and their families together or tear them all apart with deadly consequences.

A fantastic second installment to the Battered Hearts series! This time things are more suspenseful, more dramatic, and much sexier. Romeo and Jules take things to a new erotic level with their voyeuristic Skype chats and a sexually charged encounter on the mats at the dojo. The romance is a dominating element in the story and really changes and reshapes Romeo and Jules in the most brilliant way as events unfold and reveal the challenges on both sides. There is a lot of love, but there is also a lot of conflict, so the story is very balanced.

Descriptively the characters and the setting are done quite well with the dialogue only enhancing the charm of the entire story. The pacing of it all compliments the story and keeps the reader engaged, so it is easy to become invested in the characters and this small southern town. And yet Romeo’s brothers added a new depth and twist to the overall storyline that really has me anticipating future books in the series. If nothing else, the story’s only fault is that it didn’t keep going. This one is an official re-read for me and I will blindly pick up the next in the series.

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