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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Boudoir for Three by Alysha Ellis

A Boudoir for Three by Alysha Ellis
Publisher: Total-E Bound
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (67 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, Menage
Rating: 3.5 stars
Review by: Plumeria

Angelique needs a scandal so outrageous it will shock all of Paris, and she has managed to find the two men who will help her enact it.

In the France of Louis XIV, Angelique Beaulieu’s stepfather is forcing her to marry the aging and degenerate Marquis D’Arly.

Made desperate by the Marquis’ threats of violence, Angelique visits a notorious Parisian hôtel where patrons indulge in wild sexual adventures. There, she meets the angelic looking Christophe and his dark and brooding friend Armand. The three of them indulge in an orgy of sensual delight.

Angelique believes her actions have freed her from the Marquis...until she is abducted and learns that her connection to Christophe and Armand has become a threat to her very existence.

A Boudoir for Three is a classic tale of desperate times call for desperate measures!

We meet Angelique as her evil stepfather delivers the news that she’s to be married. Given no choice in the matter, she quickly learns that her bethrowed is a vile, evil man. After an eye opening encounter, Angelique decides no matter what it takes she will not be his next victim. Overhearing a conversation between the servants, she learns of a secret “hotel” where debauchery abounds. She stows away into the night to solve all her problems, or so she thinks.

At said hotel, she meets Christophe and Armand. The two close friends, after hearing her unfortunate circumstances, decide to aid her in her plight to lose what her evil betrothed values most, her virginity.

Christophe is your typical Prince Charming with the heart of gold while Armand is the dark, angry brooding counterpart of the duo. Christophe was very much ‘what you see is what you get’ and Armand carries ulterior motives when it comes to Angelique. When Angelique’s fortune takes a turn for the worse, the men must come to her rescue.

After reading this book, I felt as though there were things missing from the story. How did the men meet and become so close? When Angelique was away from the men, what were the men feeling and how did it change them? There was some backstory missing that could’ve helped the plot. Also, the love scenes were missing a certain connection between the three.

Ms. Ellis did do a great job of creating the desperation that Angelique felt at her unlucky hand that was dealt to her. The villains were well written and created enough emotion that you wanted to do them bodily harm. The author stayed true to the time period and some of the proclivities that typically happened then.

Overall, the book was a good read and anyone who enjoys historicals with a bit of spice, Prince Charming or a broody hero then luckily this book has it all!

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