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Monday, November 5, 2012

Come, My Love by Fran Lee

Come, My Love by Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (51 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

What Fran Jamison and Jack Gerrard have in common could be balanced on the head of a pin. Jack screwed up his chances with the BBW years ago when he allowed his friends to influence his choices. And Fran totally lost her chance with the hot campus jock by openly spurning his attempt to apologize.

Fran has never been to any of the reunions, but now a friend needs her, so this time she hasn’t been able to shimmy out of it. What she doesn’t expect in a million years is to find herself making hot love with Jack Gerrard on the hood of a parked car…in the airport parking ramp!

Jack lost her once. But if she thinks she’s getting away this time, she’s dead wrong.

Fran had not given a thought to her ten-year college reunion and she certainly did not want to revisit old hurts again but after receiving an email from her dear friend she relents and decides to go. Little does Fran know that Jack will not only be there but is intent on sweeping her off of her feet. Jack wants more than the friendship that they once shared and longs to make things right with Fran. She may not have been the beauty queen of the class but she was a beauty to him and he let her slip away. Only this time he wont let her go so easily and he intends to show Fran just how beautiful she is.

I really enjoyed meeting Fran and Jack. Fran is a strong woman and has done well for herself. She doesn't care anymore what her college tormentors have to say. She has come into herself and done very well in her life. Jack has had his ups and downs. Life has thrown him some curve-balls but he has made a good life for himself and proves just what a good man he is. Watching the two work through everything and finally get together was a wonderful read.

I was pulled into their story right from the start. I loved seeing some of Fran’s cruelest tormentors get what they deserve. Devlin and Kelli Anne are some mean spirited people only out for themselves and watching Fran finally get some payback courtesy of Jack, was great. I loved Jack and everything he does. He truly cares for Fran and is not afraid to show it. I loved seeing the care that Jack took of Fran when he picked her up from the airport especially when they collided and he held her to him, that is my favorite scene in the book and it endeared both Fran and Jack to this reader.

This fast paced book is not only a hot read but it also brings us a beautiful romance. It shows us that we may be able to catch that one that got away if we try hard enough.

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Fran Lee said...

Thanks for the wonderful review! I didn't know this was here until today! Saw your review of it on Amazon...:)