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Monday, November 19, 2012

Laying Down the Law by Delilah Devlin

Laying Down the Law by Delilah Devlin
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (128 pgs)
Other: M/F, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

Seeking sanctuary could be the hottest mistake she ever made.

The TripleHorn Brand, Book 1

A lifetime ago, Zuri Prescott kicked the dirt off her boots and ditched her small-time small town for the glam city life—and lived to regret it. When she’s framed for a bank job, she lights out for home, seeking refuge with her old high school sweetheart while she figures out her next steps. Only she discovers that the boy she left behind is the last man she should trust.

Sheriff Colt Triplehorn knows trouble when he sees it, especially when it comes in the form of a familiar trespasser, caught naked between an angry bull and her underwear. Sure she’s up to her usual no good, he grants her sanctuary at his ranch—the better to keep an eye on her, and purge her from his system once and for all.

Reconnection is sweet and hot, but the heat can’t hide the truth. When Colt inevitably finds out what Zuri’s running from, it’s too late to put the fire out, and he’s got a career-compromising choice on his hands. Follow the letter of the law, or follow his heart.

A small town, the town’s golden boy, and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, can only amount to trouble especially when love is involved.

Zuri’s middle name should have be trouble. From early on, people misunderstood her and judged her by the actions of her stepfather. They thought she was trouble and either kept their distance while whispering bad things about her behind her back or boys only wanted to get in her pants because they thought she was easy. She was a loner, but not by choice. Except there was one cowboy who refused to leave her alone even after she refused him. After finally giving in to his charms, Zuri started realizing that with him is where she belonged, but she was unsure if he felt the same. On a day that should have otherwise been a happy one for a couple of teenagers in love, Zuri finally receives the answer she’d been waiting for. Now it’s been twelve years since she last saw Colt Triplehorn, but their reunion may be too little too late.

Colt’s future changed dramatically the day Zuri walked out of his life. The hopeful young man he was grew up into the hardened sheriff he is now. Although he hasn’t seen her in a long time, Zuri still influences his life. From his mood right down to his sex life, or lack thereof, and even his brothers have taken notice. It’s Colt’s job to maintain order in the small town of Caldera and work the family ranch, but there’s something missing in his orderly life. That something appears one-day butt naked and bringing a whirlwind of trouble with her except this time, they are playing by Colt’s rules. Too many misunderstandings and hurt feelings still stand in the way, but their physical attraction and chemistry is undeniable. Colt will get his answers and Zuri will get hers, but at what cost when a robbery, a stalker, and mistrust all stand in the way?

This first in The TripleHorn Brand series, is fun, fast paced, and full of cowboy goodness! It was great to read the heroine taking the troublemaking lead in the story and give the hero a run for his money in getting her out of it. I figured that with how Zuri grew up she would be a bit harder and much more independent especially when it came to her reunion with Colt, maybe even make him work for it a little more, but that just wasn’t the case. They both have things to atone for in their relationship, but Zuri almost immediately hands over control to him and that I just couldn’t connect with. The history on their individual backgrounds and relationship is somewhat sparse, but eventually came together by the end. I was looking forward to reading more about Colt’s brothers, but not much is given on them, which of course has me searching out the next in the series.

Although each of the scenes ended somewhat abruptly, the story kept right on progressing and made it engaging to read. The sex scenes are plentiful and vital to the emotional growth of the couple, but also extremely steamy and well worth the read. I would definitely recommend this to fans of alpha male cowboys with big appetites in and out of the bedroom!

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