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Friday, November 2, 2012

Magic, Mischief and Mayhem by Alexandra O’Hurley

Magic, Mischief and Mayhem by Alexandra O’Hurley
A Berserkers Mate’s story
Publisher: Evernight Publisher
Length: Short Story (131 pages)
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Other: M/F, ménage, Anal sex, M/F/M, BDSM
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

Once inseparable, twin Berserkers, Eryck and Erulf, have been growing apart as Eryck’s magic continues to build. Teetering on the edge of an explosive realization, Eryck struggles with his emotions, especially when he dreams of Kharisma spending her nights in his arms. When one of those dreams turns into nightmare, his trust wavers. Yet the two have no choice but to trust her to lead them on a perilous journey.

Kharisma knows she’s a Berserker’s mate and has been expecting the two brothers to eventually come claim her. But she refuses to be held to a destiny she hasn’t chosen. Instead she wants to blaze her own path, as far from the brothers as possible.

When she gets a taste of what life with them is like, she runs. Overwhelmed, she has to decide if fate had it right or not.

What first caught my attention when I began to read Magic Mischief and Mayhem by Alexandra O’Hurley was the dictionary of terms and characters at the beginning, a delightful addition that helps understand the mythology behind the tale.

The story was a little slow at first. Except for Ewulf, Eryck and Kharisma were getting on my nerves. He was an alpha male bent on domination and being rude. She was a flighty girl, persistent in fighting against her fate. For a while, I even thought I could tell where the story was heading. I was wrong.

After Kharisma’s secret is out in the open and certain events take place, I was hooked. Eryck was still very dominant, but it was a dominance that I was beginning to fully appreciate (specially in the bedroom). Kharisma as well began to grow on me as the story unfolded and more details of her life emerged. As for Ewulf, he remained my favourite twin.

Magic Mischief and Mayhem is more than a complicated love triangle. The author easily introduces a greater picture filled with ancient battles and gods. They’re a splendid addition to an already good story (specially Odin and Freyja’s tale). Furthermore, as I had read previous Berserker Mate’s stories, I was happy to see old characters reappear.

Of course, the novel also includes some very steamy scenes (the thought of Eryck watching from that chair still provokes goose bumps on me), which make the whole novel even harder to put down.

Magic, mischief and Mayhem is a great story, enthralling, fun and hot to read.

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