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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Raising the Bar by Lucy Felthouse

Raising the Bar by Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Decedent Publishing Company
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (13 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

When Kayleigh takes a gap year before starting University, she decides she's going to stay away from guys and just concentrate on having fun and experiencing life. That means going through a lot of batteries, but she's happy and satisfied.

That is, until she gets to Spain on her travels and meets her new co-worker, Luciano. The scorching hot Spaniard soon has Kayleigh's knickers in a twist— literally—and the time they spend together seriously raises the bar for her sex life. How will any other man ever compare?

Everyone has that special someone who raises the bar. For Kayleigh, that just happens to be one seriously sexy Spaniard!

This story is part of the Edge Erotica Series. Its a quick read but certainly packs a punch in the steamy department. Kayleigh is traveling the world on her gap year and working in a restaurant in Spain when hunky Luciano catches her eye. From then on in the two are inseparable, in every sense of the word. I won’t tell you too much more because the plot isn’t complex, its a dive-in-and-read-some-sex book.

Having said that I enjoyed how this story managed, in a short space of time, to get me invested in the characters. When it came to the sex scenes I was there with them. Kayleigh’s longing for Luciano was palpable, the tension swift but intense. He was one hot stud for her to pass some time with.

Luciano was lovely. All coffee-colored skin, and chocolate eyes. I enjoyed how he was described as lean and tall and not over-stuffed with muscles, a nice change in this type of book. By the time I reached the end I could see where the book got its title from – he would have raised my bar too!

I read this on my coffee break, and by the time I had to go back to work, I wasn’t just hot from the steaming mug in my hand! The pages burned up with bedroom action, and it wasn’t all vanilla, there was a nice little kink too.

So, in summary, if, like me, you enjoy escaping the monotony of the office for fifteen minutes and finding a quiet corner with your Kindle for some down and dirty reading, then Raising the Bar is a book for you. Add in luscious Luciano, and what’s not to enjoy?

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