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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rekindling Christmas by Yvette Hines

Rekindling Christmas by Yvette Hines
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Length: Full Length (285 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed By Fuchsia

Ryanne McCall couldn’t take another season of why aren’t you married, when are you going to have kids kind of Christmas. When she sees an ad for a single’s retreat in her inbox she doesn’t need any more of an excuse to ditch the family affair.

However, she is in for a shock when she arrives at Village Resort and discovers that “home” has followed her to Colorado, in the form of Carson Rodman. Ryanne remembered Carson as the sweet, kind, skinny boy next door with the hot older brother. She never would have imagined he’d turned out to be a successful and confident man who could halt her breath with one dark, smoldering glance.

Carson and his family had never been ‘tight-knit’ and spending holidays together never formed in their plans. After a year of nursing a bad break-up he allows his best friend to convince him they should spend the holiday on the slopes picking up single snow bunnies. When he literally bumps into a woman from his past that he has never been able to get out of his wet dreams, he knows that this wonderland vacation has turned into paradise. Years ago, he missed his chance with Ryanne, but he refuses to allow her to get away again.

Ryanne McCall is the oldest of five children all of whom are married, something her mother does not let her forget. Going home for visits means having to listen to everyone talking about their children then having them look at her and saying that one day she too will have what they have. Ryanne loves her family dearly but she does not want to be the 'ninth' wheel or the odd girl out. She is happy with her job and she does long for more but for now with no prospects she is content. Her friend Mattie sent her an email about a singles mixer at a ski resort in Colorado which Ryanne promptly disgarded especially since she doesn't ski.

Carson Rodman let his friend Phillip Stifler talk him into going to a singles resort to get him out of what Phillip believed was a funk. Carson's last relationship ended a year ago and Phillip believes that Carson is still heartbroken over it, even though Carson has tried to tell him otherwise. So Carson agreed just to get Phillip to shut up, however Carson knew he would not be able to tolerate any of the giggling women they met.

Rekindling Christmas was a very enjoyable story, filled with great characters, humor, hot sex and a good premise. Carson and Ryanne always had a connection from the time they were kids and lived next door to one another. The story was well written and I really got to know the characters, their interactions or lack of interactions with their families. I especially enjoyed Phillip with his love them and leave them attitude; he had women crawling all over him which delighted him immensely. The story moved at a good pace and the characters were very well developed.

Yvette Hines is one of those writers who can reach out, grab you and take you on a journey that will leave you wanting for more. Rekindling Christmas is one of those tomes this reader was sad to see end.

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