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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Street Safe by W. Lynn Chantale

Street Safe by W. Lynn Chantale
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Interracial
Other: M/F
Length: Full Length (150 Pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed By Fuchsia

Street Callan wants only one thing from the sultry voluptuous woman in red heels, a night of steamy, unadulterated sex.

Na’arah Simmons has no problem submitting to Street’s seductive allure, since she shares in the attraction.

When their one night stand leaves her with an unplanned souvenir, his less than desired response will force her to move on. However, when she’s the only witness to a brutal murder, Na’arah has only Street to turn to if she wants to save herself and her unborn child.

Rue 'Street' Callan saw her as she entered the bar, there she was the woman of his dreams. He knew her because she was the masseuse that worked across the street at the spa that his uncle Auggie owned. Street had to stop getting massages from her because he was too attracted to her and did not want to embarrass himself. Yet, he could not get the feel of her hands on his body out of his mind, and there she was in a pair of hot red shoes.

Na'arah was the designated driver for her sister and her friends, a job that she took because of the red shoes her sister bribed her with. She also had an attraction to Street but couldn't understand why he stopped coming to her for his massages. Maybe he wasn't attracted to her and he didn't see her the way she would have liked him to see her.

Street Safe is a story of mutual attraction that ignites and burns hot. It also has characters that were realistic and fun, especially her sister Zee who would think nothing of pulling a knife on someone. The heat between Street and Na'arah as well as between Zee and the sheriff Miles was jumping off the page. There was also a twist when Na'arah helped his uncle Auggie and ended up being hunted by the men who were after Auggie. The only negative this reader found is that the story is not finished, it ended but on a cliffhanger. Hopefully the author will come out with the sequel and tie up all the loose ends which this reader is looking forward to. Street Safe is a good way to spend an evening, just get in your comfy chair, get a glass of wine and read.

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